Hitting the Road, Yo

Tomorrow morning Jen and I take off for the East Coast, and Viable Paradise.  So very, very much fun.  For those who don’t know VP, it’s like Fourth Street, but lasts a week.  For those who don’t know Fourth Street, it’s like VP packed into a weekend.  And those are horribly inaccurate comparisons, except for the total immersion in writing that makes me feel I’m bouncing through the entire event. I am looking forward to meeting the new class of students.

Meanwhile, we’re working on a kickstarter for a Cats Laughing reunion concert at Minicon 50.  We’re hoping and expecting to launch the Kickstarter by the end of this week.  More details later, but for now I’ll just say Fucking Meow.

Oh, and Hawk comes out tomorrow.  There are a couple of reports that it has been spotted in the wild. Check your local bookstore?

And speaking of Hawk, there is a video of me reading the section immediately following the one posted here.

After VP, Jen and I are heading to Texas to hang out with Skyler White and family and finish up the 2nd Incrementalists novel.

Oh, there’s this interesting Agyar thing we’ve been kicking around. No, it isn’t a film. But if you love cool book artifacts and liked that book, it may be time to start getting excited.  Details, as always, when we know more.

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21 thoughts on “Hitting the Road, Yo”

  1. Good luck and have fun!

    If you end up passing through Boston, I’d be happy to buy you another drink. Maybe even find a place that has Tullamore Dew.

  2. @Dennis – stopping in Boston is a remote possibility, but

    @Star Straf – once we get down that way we will have a parrot in the car and trying to stop as little as possible

  3. I checked my local bookstore yesterday, they didn’t have Hawk out and visible yet.

    They also hadn’t called and said “your preorder is ready, please come pick it up”. But, you know, one can hope.

    I expect I’ll stop in on the way home from work tomorrow.

    I’ll see y’all when you’re around town.

  4. I got a message from Kobo time-stamped at 3:27 AM that Hawk was now available for my device and I just downloaded it. Now I have to decide between savoring it slowly and gobbling it up quickly. Marshmallow test I guess.

  5. Hawk was reviewed very favorably by Cory at BoingBoing this morning, with a link to the excerpt on Tor.com.

  6. Hawk is BEAUTIFUL! And I have reason to know it’s also very, very good. (Because last night or this morning, someone must have said to someone else, “Let’s go steal a mailbox.”)

  7. I was thrilled to get my copy today at B&N because, well, AMZN. Beautiful cover, can’t wait to dig in.

    Saving it for the plane ride(s) home tomorrow, we’ll see if I last through the night :-)

  8. Picked mine up this morning at Barnes and Noble because, well, Amazon.

    Cover is gorgeous and I am saving it for the plane ride(s) home tomorrow, if I can manage to make it through night without cracking the cover.

  9. My day
    Get Hawk 1:10 am
    Begin reading Hawk
    Finish reading Hawk
    Love Hawk
    Prepare to read Hawk again tomorrow .

  10. I just had a Sophie’s Choice level decision to make as both Hawk and Ancillary Sword appeared on my Kindle on the same day (I preordered both). I wanted to read both… But Vlad comes first. I’m a quarter of the way in and digging he hell out of it. Really enjoying the action and the snark. I missed Vlad and Loiosh (do they have a couple name? they should). If only my eyes functioned like they did a decade ago I would probably have finished it by now.

  11. Hawk arrived today. Amazon pre-order. Very happy to support such a fine author. Started with Jhereg way back in 1983!

  12. Awesome Steve, just back from Barnes and Noble with “Hawk”, Vlad Taltos is one of my favorite series. I’ve been a fan from the start and have reread the series multiple times over the years while reading nearly non stop your new ones and waiting impatiently for the next…Thanks for keeping up this series,

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