Some Housekeeping Stuff

I’ve had a bit of an issue with WordPress concluding some comments are spam.  Here’s how the thing works:

If you’ve never commented here before or are using a different name you go into the “moderate” queue.

If you have too many links (I think WordPress defines “too many” as “more than one” (ETA: Jen says it’s more than two)) you go into the “moderate” queue.

If WordPress decides your post looks like spam, it goes into the spam queue.  I have no idea how it decides something looks like spam.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky: I get a handy, easy to spot notification of anything in the moderate queue, so Jen or I usually get to those pretty fast.  But the spam queue I have to explicitly go look for, and I don’t remember to do that often enough, which means perfectly legitimate messages (like one from L. Raymond Jen just found today) might get held up for days or weeks.

First of all, sorry about that.  I’ll try to do better.  Second, if you’ve made a comment that vanished, feel free to email me about it and I’ll check.

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6 thoughts on “Some Housekeeping Stuff”

  1. There were two other comments in the spam queue, neither of them spam, and I just sent those on through.

    With links, if you have THREE links, it will go to the moderate queue. So go to town with two-link comments, just go wild with them.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t mention it before because I figured someone was working on it, but every so often it seems like the CSS somehow misfires, and the blog page comes out without much formatting. It’s like a misfiring piston in an engine. 7/8 of the time it’s okay, and 1/8 it glitches.

  3. Can I suggest possibly using the WordPress plugin Akismet? I use it on my WordPress site and it does wonders for spam. You may already be using it, but it’s worth a look if not.

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