The Tonito Burrito™

You had cute nicknames for your kids, didn’t you? I mean, at least some of them, some of the time? I used to call Toni, “Toni Toni Tonito, of the Tonito Burrito.”  Yeah, yeah, it’s all cute and stuff.  The point is, I recently realized I had never actually made a Tonito Burrito.  So Toni and I put our heads together for what Toni’s Perfect Burrito would be.  I’m setting it down here so I don’t forget.


Three cups cooked white rice
1 Anaheim pepper, seeded and finely diced
1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and finely diced
Two pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed.
1 tablespoon minced garlic
mushrooms of choice (we used baby Portabella), sliced
bell peppers of choice (we use yellow and orange), sliced
1 medium yellow onion, diced
juice of 1 lime
large tortillas
A lot of turmeric
sweet and hot paprika
crushed red pepper
Tabasco sauce
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper (viz Alton Brown)
olive oil
your favorite salsa (for moisture and tomato component)
sharp cheddar cheese (or whatever you prefer)
1 red onion, diced
optional: sliced lettuce, sour cream



In a saucepan over high heat, fry the rice in olive oil.  When it’s about done, stir in more turmeric than you think it needs.  Mix well, remove from heat, put in a bowl and set aside.

Dust the chicken with salt, pepper, and sweet paprika.

Heat up the saucepan over high heat, then put in olive oil to cover.  Throw in the Anaheim and jalapeno pepper.

Quickly saute over high heat, then add the chicken.

When the chicken is almost done* add in garlic, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and quickly saute

Add lime juice, a sprinkle of hot paprika, and a bit of oregano, basil, a dash of Tabasco sauce, crushed red pepper, cayenne, and marjoram.  Not too heavy on the oregano or it’ll taste like marinara sauce, and you don’t want that.


Building the burrito:

Preheat the tortillas.  If you live in the southwest, you have no excuse for not using good ones, preferably corn, but in Minnesota we take what we can get.

Spoon in some of the fried rice, then the chicken mixture until it looks about right.  Play with the quantities of each until it seems good.

Add salsa, diced red onion, finely shredded sharp cheddar, lettuce, and sour cream if desired but Toni doesn’t like it.


*If one of the people you’re cooking for is a vegetarian, finish the chicken, set it aside in a covered bowl, and then proceed with the rest of the rest of recipe, so the chicken can be omitted.


Tonnito Burritos are good, but the best thing about them is DOGS DON’T GET ANY!

(Sucks to be you, Tuli.  HAHAHA)

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15 thoughts on “The Tonito Burrito™”

  1. This is a great burrito (at least, the ones we had were great, and those did not have mushrooms, which is good for me, because I think I prefer no mushrooms in tex-mex sorts of food).

    A++++ food post, would read and eat again.

  2. Please feel free to post more recipes for equally delicious looking things. #nomnomnom

  3. Aunt Cynthia wants a ticket to the next Experimental Kitchen show. Yummm.

  4. Alas, available ingredients means I will be doing very different burritos, apparently. But I’m bookmarking this recipe, and someday soon…

  5. I think Valabar’s would call it a chicken palaczinta, and probably bake it and cover it with some sort of sauce before garnishing and serving.

  6. I must make these (minus the mushrooms) this week.

    I don’t think most of the cute names we have the kids when small would work for recipes:
    Stinky Butt being the one I remember the most.

  7. Stinky Butt would work okay for a pork shoulder with a limberger anglaise…

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