6 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Poem For You”

  1. Love you. My Valentine’s Day story is for you and Skyler both– today I was waiting for my taxi home from a doctor appointment and saw a woman in her 40s reading a hardcover book as she waited for her car. Cover showed a hint of gola and I asked her what she was reading, just on a whim. She stuck her finger in her place, and showed me the cover — The Incrementalist! I had to tell her you’re my brother 3 times before it sank in, then she said it was her first book of yours, out of the areas she usually reads, but very good. “A really intriguing idea,” she said. “I’m not surprised,” she responded to the news that you were currently working on a sequel. “Lots of ways that could go.” Then we talked a bit about 4th Street and other things (she’s a librarian, and wanted to know if you were going to do readings. As her came around,she stood up and said, “It must be fun being his sister.”

    More than you know, I thought to myself, and smiled.

  2. Correction made, thanks. I actually thought about including some Dorothy Parker, but resisted, because once I start on her I can’t stop.

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