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Emergency Guitar Chord Request


Does anyone know the guitar chords for “Cheer Up Hamlet?”  For those who don’t know, it is the theme song for season 1 of “Slings and Arrows” and can be found here.  I find that it has become necessary for the future of the world that I learn that song.  It’s a piano song, so it may well be that, even if I found guitar chords, I wouldn’t be able to play them; but I have to at least try.



Author: skzb

I play the drum.


  1. I really, really wanted to lmgtfy this, because somehow the idea of posting a lmgtfy link in smarmy response to one of my favorite authors appeals to me for some reason – but I don’t think paper doll games are going to do you much good.

    I’m too busy listening to death metal right now to figure out what this song is, but I did find this a few links down on my google search:

    If it isn’t the right song, the page might still be a tool you can use to obtain what you need.

  2. skzb

    That’s it! Thank you!

  3. Holy crap, I did something “useful” on the internet. They’re going to take away my card now, you realize.

  4. skzb

    Relax. It would only count as useful if me learning that song counted as useful, so I think you’re still okay.

  5. I will be very disappointed if this does not start with two “B” chords. (Then, you know, two more chords that are not “B”.)

  6. Hey, your learning that song counts as useful to ME. So there.


  7. skzb

    Pamela: Isn’t it just Best. Song. Ever? One of the great regrets of my life is that I wasn’t there watching your face the first time you heard it.

  8. Chords on that link are incorrect. Quick and modified a bit for non-jazzy players:

    C Major Pentatonic intro riff into a G… then:

    Cheer up Hamlet … so your (bassline bouncing tonic-dominant)
    | C . . . | C . F . | C . . . | G7 . . . |

    Uncle is a … so
    | B7 . . . | Em . A7/C# . | D9 . . . | D-6/9 . G7 . |

    Wise up hamlet… (use E major chord shape for the A 1st inversion 4th measure)
    | C . . . | . . . . | . . . . | A/C# . . . |

    Your incessant… embarrassing to see
    | F . . . | Fm . . . | C/G . . . | A7 . . . |

    And by the way … Ophelia insane
    | F . F#dim . | C/G (E/G#) A7 . | C/G . . . | A7 . . . |

    So shut up … you melancholy Dane!
    | D-9 . . . | D9 . . . | G7 . . . | () C . () |

    Not perfect, but closer than Chordify.

  9. Eh, no problem. However, know that I’m fully expecting a YouTube of an inebriated you performing this now.

  10. What he said.

    Also, reading this made me go re-listen to the song on YouTube, which made me re-watch the first season of Slings & Arrows in a single afternoon, upon which I was supposed to be getting other things done.

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