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Two collaborations going, and today I started a new Vlad novel–at least, “started” in the sense of making a few notes that I will completely ignore when I start writing.

Currently, my guess is that this will be Vallista, and will come immediately before Hawk.  I could be wrong.




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  1. Good news. Hopefully, we’ll see it b4 the election

  2. Vallista rends and then rebuilds… Yes, I have my ideas about that novel and am tremendously excited at the upcoming opportunity to confirm them as completely wrong. What strikes me is that any meaningful rending and rebuilding would present significant challenges to a predecessor novel that takes place after said rending and rebuilding, i.e. Hawk.

    Bravo, Steven. Like Bierka, I find myself involuntarily salivating.

  3. Good to hear. I need another Vlad fix.

  4. Sounds great. Didn’t know new teeth inspired creativity. I’ll have to look into that.

  5. This one may be Vanilla, huh? Cool.

  6. skzb

    Not bad. I was thinking Barista.

  7. I would have gone for Ballista: shoots and reloads.

  8. skzb

    I thought about Ballista, but it makes too much sense as an actual title.

  9. Hm. Well I must say Barista isn’t bad at all, but if organized crime and corruption has crept into the Vallista government contracting business, perhaps Batista might work too….

  10. If you leave it sit long enough, it could be Siesta.

  11. Valley Girl but maybe not if it creeps into the narrative voice.

  12. Good one, Ven. Imagine Kiera or Aliera speaking with a valley accent…

  13. It’s Elder Sorcery, I mean, like, totally tubular to the max!

  14. Barista brews and then refills.

  15. Why is it that Ballista conjures images of Vlad conducting a performance of the 1812 Overture, by the Imperial Orchestra (if there is one…)

  16. Callista shoots and then re-nocks.

  17. If you’re going to tease us in 2013, a status report on 2016 might not go amiss

  18. skzb

    Most recent blog post?

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