Signing in Houston Tomorrow, 9/26

In this part of the country, it is pronounced with a long u, like hYOUstun. I won’t get into the religious issues between how Texans and New Yorkers say the name.

However you pronounce it, Skyler White and I will be in that city tomorrow, reading from and signing copies of The Incrementalists, at a place called Murder By The Book.

Details can be found here.

It would be lovely to meet those of you I’ve annoyed but never yet met; and to annoy those of you I’ve met but never yet annoyed. Please swing by and say hello.

Also, watch this space for me jumping cartwheels and turning up and down raving about the awesomeness that is the audiobook. I’ll have some copies of it to give away. There will be a contest.


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10 thoughts on “Signing in Houston Tomorrow, 9/26”

  1. Aha, leaving the door open for a former New Yorker!

    I’ve never heard a New Yorker refer to the Texas city (town, really) as anything but hYOUstun. After all, we are taught by our card-carrying liberal public school teachers to acknowledge the peculiar cultural foibles of the natives, even when they are obviously wrong. But just because they don’t know how to pronounce it in Texas is no reason for New Yorkers to change their own street name, which is of course hOWstun.

    In any event I have to wait for the event in the People’s Republic at Pandemonium Books….

  2. hOWstun just sounds wrong.

    L. Raymond commented previously about Brazos Belle Restaurant, but I’ve just looked them up and they’re only open Fri/Sat dinner and Sun lunch. So that won’t work. If anyone else has an eatery suggestion, feel free to leave it here.

  3. Seriously? I’m sorry to not have known that; In the past, I’ve just walked in whenever I was passing through.

    If you like oriental food, I can suggest almost any place within five miles of Bellaire and West Belt (aka Beltway 8 – highway is a toll road, feeder road is free). Cheese Berry – Asian Pizza and Sweets is next to the Jang Guem Tofu & BBQ House, which is across the parking lot from Jasmine Asian Cuisine (Chinese food and jazz music) . The Kim Son Grand Buffet (Vietnamese Dining Hall and Ballroom) is in that area, and more dim sum joints than you could count. A little further east, near Bellaire and Fondren, are the Indo-Pakistani restaurants and shopping centers, if that’s prefered. (If you see the Blue Nile which is somewhere in that area, that’s Ethiopian food.)

    Most people don’t know that all official Houston city documents are printed in English, Spanish and Vietnamese – we have a major SE Asian presence, and you may as well eat some of it.

    I’d enjoy the whole being annoyed thing, but I couldn’t get close to that area of town before 10:15p. Have fun!

  4. I keep trying to get my employer to send me on business trips that coincide with book signings I want to attend. no luck yet. :(

    Borderlands Books in SF is holding a copy of the book for me, they’ll mail it to me. You want to scribble something fun in it?

    Do you have a schedule for the tour of the book? I would love to get a signed copy – I am in Philly but can come to NYC or DC.
    Also – how much for the movie rights for Agyar? I plan on winning the MegaMillions and I would LOVE to see it as a movie. Ok- I would love to see any Brust book as a movie, but Agyar is my favorite. Or maybe The sun, The moon, and The Stars. Of course I could not forget To Reign in Hell. Or any Vlad book. How much for the package deal for all movies?
    And when are you coming out with the Hawk?
    Did you know I use “How many Yendi does it take to sharpen a sword?” as a passphrase?
    Please forgive me – I just got my copy of The Incrementalists and I am VERY excited.

  6. Steven (and Skyler),
    The appearance this evening was awesome. A lot of fun. Your enthusiasm for the book was palpable. The only thing that would have made it better was making Seven read a sex scene. But hearing you two talk about the book really adds to the enjoyment of reading it.

    Great job! When you come back to Houston, I’ll be there again. Enjoy the rest of your tour.

  7. I’ve never heard of H(you)ston being pronounced Howston, but I have heard it as “Whoston”. Is that yet another region’s pronunciation, or just a nickname of sorts?

    Off-topic a bit, I read ‘Fireworks in the Rain’ today, which was a lot of fun.Thanks for writing it!

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