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Ask Me Anything Today

Kind of silly, I know, because when has anyone ever hesitated to ask me anything? But today, at 7PM CDT (in Texas the time would be, um, let me think, about 1961), I’ll be on Reddit answering questions.  You can start asking the questions now.

The link is here.

See you there.


By skzb

I play the drum.

15 replies on “Ask Me Anything Today”

“when has anyone ever hesitated to ask me anything?”

I feel the need to mention I appreciate your willingness to field most questions, even when I’m worried you might take them as personal affronts (which I certainly never intend). It’s very generous of you to do so.

Was that fun? It sure was short. And I still think the trailer is stupendous. May I share it now, please?

I just want to mention how absolutely lovely the r/fantasy community has been. elquesogrande is so very helpful and organized, and we all had lots of fun. Hooray for r/fantasy!

skzb – I meant to ask in the Reddit forum yesterday if you’d played any TSOHG lately :)

Will the sequel to your latest collaboration focus on the opposition, those who are determined to make life as crappy as possible for everyone? Or is it just my juvenile sense of humor that makes me giggle when I think about The Excrementalists?

skzb – Memory playing tricks on me. I thought you were one of our TSOHG irregulars with Damon Knight in the GEnie SFRT days. TSOHG is a word game Damon liked.

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