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Steven Brust: “A masterful storyteller of contagious glee and self-deprecating badassery” —Skyler White

The Sidebar of Making Light


And now, a brief musical interlude, with thanks to Scott Lynch, Elizabeth Bear, Graham and Becca Leathers, and Corwin Brust.


The Sidebar of Making Light

I’m a big name writer and I drink hard cider
Though I’ll take whatever I get.
I write about magic and I write about swords
For twelve percent of the…well, gross, actually.
I’ll blog about my tales if it’ll bump sales
But the bump that’s still out of sight,
Is the bump, I think, when you get a link
On the sidebar of Making Light.

(Making Light)
Want to see my blog on the sidebar. (Light)
Where all the folks who are clever and snide are. (Light)
Want see my new blog post
On the sidebar of Making Light.

I got a great PA with me all the way
Who advises on publicity work.
I got a whole staff of slick moderators
So I don’t come off like a jerk.
Invitations I could mention to every convention
And they always treat me so polite.
But it would all just stink compared to a link
On the sidebar of Making Light.


I gotta lotta little four-eyed middle-aged fans
Who will read everything of mine.
I gotta genuine genius agent
To vet my contracts before I sign.
I’ve got all the blurbs my books will hold
So my ego gets stroked all right.
And I keep blushing pink but I can’t get a link
On the sidebar of Making Light.



Author: skzb

I play the drum.


  1. Bravo and Brava! A Grammy (or at least Hugo) winner if I ever heard one!

  2. Make sure you read the rollover.

  3. That is a GREAT song! 🙂 I love it!! (missing any banjo’s lately?) ;0)

  4. skzb

    Teresa:Okay, that made me laugh loud enough that I startled the bird AND the dog.

  5. Splendid! Kudos for everyone and every bit of it. Kudos to Teresa for the rollover, too. It’s exactly what it had to be.

    Love you, Steve. You continue to help keep my joy in fandom alive and well, just as you’ve done for 32 years now.

  6. skzb

    Oh, Geri. Only you could continue to be Nature’s Perfect Audience from a thousand miles away.

  7. Now if they had had Richard Feynmann on Bongos too . . .

  8. Send it to apple and see if they will put it on itunes

  9. skzb

    I think I’d want to do a cleaner recording before doing that. And I don’t know what the legalities are with using someone else’s tune.

  10. Sensible to worry about the legalities, skzb. Caught between that whole permission/forgiveness vice, in our legal society it’s impossible to get forgiveness. Probably not covered under fair use, since the original itself is saying the same thing.

    Would be shocked, though, if anyone associeted with the good Dr. or the Medicine Show would object if someone were to ask.

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