Double Slander: A Brief Civil War Note

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Something came into focus for me today while reading Sandburg’s “Lincoln.”  There are some who quite vocally dislike the recent movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis because it neglects the contributions of black soldiers to the fight for their own freedom.  The thing is, not only were there many white soldiers consciously fighting to end slavery, but there were many black soldiers (especially freeborn from the Northeastern states) consciously fighting to preserve the Union.  When Lincoln, addressing those who opposed emancipation said, “You say you won’t fight for the Negro. Some of them are willing to fight for you…” he wasn’t just making it up.  So, yeah, that argument ends up slandering white and black soldiers.


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4 thoughts on “Double Slander: A Brief Civil War Note”

  1. Your comment confuses me. Was it the people who dislike the movie are slandering back and white soldiers? Or the movie is slandering black and white soldiers? My bad back won’t allow me to see movies in theaters right now, so I have not seen the movie and won’t until I can get it one video. This is not an argument, just confusion from someone who has not yet seen the film.

  2. Sorry for the confusion. There are people who object to the movie on the basis that it pays too little attention to the struggles of black soldier and non-soldiers to end slavery. My feeling is that this slanders those soldiers, as well slandering the white soldiers whose actions are dismissed by this argument.

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