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Steven Brust: “A masterful storyteller of contagious glee and self-deprecating badassery” —Skyler White


  1. I always suspected you wore that hat in the bath.

  2. skzb

    See the side that’s turned up? That’s the side I sleep on.

  3. My life is so very dull. While you frolic with books and tubs we sit here in bed watching Thin Man movies and eating chocolate ice cream.

  4. I’m not sure what it says about me that my first reaction was “I wish I had a tub that big.”

  5. skzb

    Bill Colsher: You win the internet.

  6. So THIS is what it means to be a successful author! *nodnod*

  7. I’m shocked and appalled because you didn’t censor out your own nipple. This will not stand, sir. That’s sexist!

  8. Nice to know some things don’t change.

  9. skzb

    Cathy: You know we miss you, right?

  10. mechaninja – I did the censoring (in MS Paint, because that’s how I roll). How dare you apply kyriarchist labels to my actions, sir!

  11. I’m hysterical here.

  12. I hope that you were working on Hawk at the time…*tapping foot impatiently* (Just kidding)

  13. Eeek! Reading hardcovers in the tub!

    Then again, I guess you have plenty of extra copies.


  14. skzb

    Pamela: No concern, of course, about the laptop. Your priorities are in order. I’m proud to know you.

  15. SKZB:

    When surfing the web, I open of sets of pages in tabs, then click between them. I’m not always paying attention to which specific site I’m reading at a given time.

    In this case, the order of events was:

    1) Click tab.
    2) Picture! Three people in a tub…
    3) Wait, something’s familiar here…
    4) Click picture to enlarge.
    5) Hey, that person’s reading a Steven Brust book!
    6) Wait, that OTHER person’s reading ANOTHER Steven Brust book! Holy…
    7) Wait. That THIRD person is STEVEN BRUST!
    8) Oh, this is his blog. I get it… 🙂

    For a moment there, I thought you’d suddenly become so popular that random “person reading a book” photos were featuring YOUR books… 🙂

    [That DOES look like quite the lifestyle you’ve got, going on there…]

  16. For those angsting over the size of the tub I have just two words to say on this:

    Hotel Gellert

  17. Two word captions sound like a great way to reply to this thread.

    “Good Karma”

  18. My two word caption:
    Fantasy Authors B)

  19. Are those your kids?

  20. skzb

    Max: No. Are they yours?

  21. My own reaction to this post can be summed up in but two words, if other esteemed commenters will permit me to join them in that endeavor: “again please?”

  22. skzb

    Jen: I’m good with that.

  23. Jen: How about it happens again…in *Texas*? I even promise to keep the goats out of the hot-tub. 🙂

  24. Yes! I’d hot tub with you as merrily as I’d verb a noun! I trust you to keep the goat situation as under control as necessary.

  25. I’m still hysterical.

  26. ~laughs~ We shall verb nouns together, while consuming adult beverages in a hot tub in Texas.

    Luckily, hot tubs count as “wild water”, and goats are terribly allergic to “wild water”. They melt. 😀

  27. Ooh, and readings! Hot tub readings.Things not fit for goat ears.

  28. I’ll never understand why a man surrounded by naked women could possibly be looking at a laptop.

  29. David, I hesitate to say anything since this is often a touchy subject.

    It seems very likely, from what you say, that you do not get as much sex as you want.

    And Steven does.

  30. J Thomas, that was really mean. Have a cookie.

  31. Jenphalian, I did not intend that to be mean. It just seems likely.

    A lot of men never get as much sex as they want.

    The first time it happens is disorienting. Things that seemed like universals of human nature turn out to be contingencies. There’s a peculiar undescribable existential emptiness to it….

  32. The Most Interesting Hungarian Man in the World:

    “I don’t always take baths, but when I do…”

    Implying that you sometimes shower, not that you don’t always clean yourself.

  33. Fake!!! (Look at that glass next to Steven. There’s a bottle of Laphroaig and he’s drinking something clear.)

  34. skzb

    Gin & Tonic to be exact. Or, more precisely, alternating between that and whiskey. Life is hard, sometimes.

  35. @David: Well, it all depends on whose laptop he’s looking at.

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