Texas Wisdom #72

You can’t kill a duck with an empty shotgun.  But can you heal a duck with one that’s loaded?

— Billy-Bob Gautama


By skzb

I play the drum.

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Once Billy-Bob Gautama ran into a bar,slamming the door behind him, barely keeping out the Cougar that had been chasing him.

“Billy-Bob,” said Willy-Joe, “I thought death was only an illusion!”

“‘Course it is,” said Billy-Bob.
“But I just seen you run like hell into this here bar to get away from that there Couger,” said Willy-Joe.

“Willy,” said Billy-Bob, “that was just an illusion.”

And Willy-Joe moved closer to enlightenment, For he is a bit slow, and it will take a few more stories to fully enlighten him.

“I see you got a whole head. I could heal that for you.”

Seems N’aal might be able to answer Billy-Bob Gautama’s query.

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