New on the Site: Books!

Jen has just finished updating the “Books” section of the blog, so now I provide links to various places to buy them.  It’s pleasant to see all the various links–ebook, audible, all that stuff.  I’m still hoping to get the earlier Vlad novels out as ebooks; but we’ll have to see what happens.  Meanwhile, thanks Jen.  Have a cookie.


Jerry: Why don’t we insert links for some classics?  Hawthorne, Dostoevsky, maybe some Dickens.

Ms. Pennyworth: Jerry, does that sound like something that will help the client?  This client?  Does he even fucking read Hawthorne, Jerry?

Jerry: I like Hawthorne.

Ms. Pennyworth: Is anyone asking what you like, Jerry?  Do you know what classic unemployment is, Jerry?  Would you like to be limiting your reading to want-ads, Jerry?

[Enter squirrel]

Squirrel: I could have done those links.

Ms. Pennyworth: No, you fucking couldn’t have done those links.  You’re a fucking squirrel.

[Exit squirrel]



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4 thoughts on “New on the Site: Books!”

  1. I wish to point out that *I* am a squirrel and I managed the links just fine. *ahem*

    Also, I want to let everyone know that I arranged the links to give access to all available types of the books; if it is available as dead-tree, ebook, and audible, you’ll find all three. If I didn’t put in a specific ebook link, that book is not available as an ebook (yet). As far as hardcover vs. paperback, I used whichever came up first at Amazon, which is generally the mass-market paperback except for ones that aren’t available in mass-market paperback. Most of the Vlad series is available stand-alone or in lovely omnibus collections, so each of those include links to the correct omnibus, and those are generally named “The Book of [first book in that omnibus]” so I used those titles in the link sections.

    If that’s all confusing… well, imagine how I felt. I hope the links will actually clear up some confusion, because trying to follow the Vlad series via amazon can be wicked hard.

    Also, you’ll find the links are all US amazon or barnes&noble. This is because I’m in the US, I personally prefer bn, and amazon has the affiliate thingy (yes, all the amazon links are through the affiliate program). You should buy the books wherever you’re most comfortable buying them. Adding links to another site is possible, but I’d rather not do it because it will start getting cluttered, so if that’s what you want, make a really good case to skzb.

    Also also, I considered copying the links from the Books page to the discussion pages for each book, but I thought it looked sort of commercialized that way.

    There, that’s all my reasoning laid out in an effort to answer inevitable questions and concerns before they even arise (not in an attempt to prevent suggestions). To everyone on twitter who said thanks: you’re welcome. And thanks for all the cookies.

  2. I keep hoping to see something like:

    [Enter squirrel]

    Squirrel: I can dig up those nuts.

    Ms. Pennyworth: No, you fu… Yeah, I guess you can. Knock yourself out.

    [Exit squirrel, going nuts]

  3. @Vnend

    It would be more like:

    Squirrel: I can dig up those nuts.

    Ms. Pennyworth: No you can’t. You’re a fu… Oh, right then. Fair play to you.

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