Update on Hawk

Had a good day yesterday, and I’m pretty sure the rough draft is past the halfway mark now. If my pattern remains true, things should pick up from here on.  On the other hand, this book is still being very weird–demanding I plan out certain levels of detail that I normally leave to revision–so we’ll see.

And speaking of revisions, oh my god this one is going to require them.  Like I said before, I’ll be using a scythe. That’s another odd thing: in the past, the degree of revision I needed has been inversely proportional to how much planning I did for the first draft; this time it seems they’re both going to be unusually long processes.

That said, with luck, I’m on my way.


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21 thoughts on “Update on Hawk”

  1. For many years I saw the Taltos book in the bookstore. I would read the back cover and then put it back. I was unsure. I am very picky, having read a lot of crap in my youth and not wanting to spend anymore time on crap. But I would always pick it up because it had fantasy thieves and assasins in it, my favorites. Then one day when there was nothing else in the bookstore, I bought it. And went back a week later for another. Within a few months I had read all that was published on Vlad and company. Then I discovered your other books from that world (khaarven (sp?) romances and such) and read all that. Now I find that I want to jump out of my skin waiting for any new book to come out about Vlad and company. I am hooked and the pickiness paid off. That being said, I check here often and am eagerly awaiting another chance to visit your world. Thank you for sharing and for the updates (especially for rabid fans like me).

  2. Keep up the great work.

    Just curious: Do you think that the bi-product of all the cutting and revising will be relevant to future books, or is it mostly filler and/or contradictions?

  3. I’m a picky reader, too – and look forward to Hawk.

    I also appreciate hearing your thoughts as you write it. I’ve got some writing projects of my own, and it’s invaluable to hear about what besets you as you write things I know to be worth reading.

    I’ve recommended The Phoenix Guards and its successors to lots of folks who ordinarily wouldn’t touch fantasy, because they loved Dumas. Your fantasy homage/send-up of Dumas rocks the casbah.

  4. I heard that George RR Martin is sometimes on the receiving end of a small, impatient and agressive portion of his fan base that hound him on the slow pace of this Song of Ice and Fire books.

    I don’t see it in these forums but do you sometimes get nasty, childish messages from some people saything things like, “Where’s Hawke? Its been years since the last one! If you spent less time blogging, gambling and smoking you would of the finished the series by now. You OWE it to your fans. Hurry up!”

  5. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Incidentally, Milton is buried in my parish church, a fact which prompts me to re-read your take fairly frequently. Is there any chance of you tackling a sequel?

  6. Schmwarf: Yes, but very rarely.

    Stevie: Thanks, but I doubt it. The only sequels I can come up with for that are the Passion, which I don’t care to touch, and the Apocalypse, which would require spending more time reading apocalyptic literature than I could stand.

  7. Your books come out fairly regularly. Even for the most impatient of us, it’s hard to get irritated when we get not only a new book, but one that’s an enjoyable read every year or two. I’ve yet to be disappointed by any of your works, so I’m doing a little dance of anticipation here for Hawk.

  8. According to my copy of Jhereg, April marks the 30th anniversary of its publication.*

    Any thoughts ever come up as to a suitable way of celebrating / honoring the occassion?

    And, more on topic with this thread, have you considered the idea of posting / sharing some of the (longer) material which you have decided to cut from Hawk with that wickedly sharp scythe you are using?

    Over the past 29 years, I have become quite good at patiently waiting for the next Vlad Taltos book, and I have yet to be disappointed whenever one has been released.

    *Of course, way back then, books would be on the book store shelves a couple months prior to the copyright date.

  9. Once I’m done, I’ll see if any of the stuff is worth keeping in some form. As for April 30, I don’t know. I should do something. Five years ago, my boss promoted me to senior writer and gave me a corner office (though no raise). Maybe this year the asshole will give me a gold watch. I don’t need a gold watch. What a jerk.

  10. Gold watches are for executive senior writers only. You’ll be getting two dead teckla on your pillow instead.

  11. You know, it is only completely reasonable that Hawk, of all books, would require you to go above and beyond in both figuring out fiddly details and scything revisions.

    What I’m trying to say is that you brought this upon yourself.

  12. So, have I got this right: the first book about Vlad, who is a witch, was published on April 30 i.e. Walpurgisnacht, the night of the witches?

    Furthermore: Vlad is a magical assassin, and I can’t help remembering that about 30 years ago a certain Merlin, son of Corwin, was plagued by a person who tried to magically assassinate him every April (creepily, given this discussion, in order to mark an important anniversary).

    Multiple coincidence? Subtle clues as to the underlying nature of the universe? Vlad freelancing for that bum Rinaldo? Enquiring minds want to know!

  13. Sweet mother of Verra, David F. just made me so happy by even proposing that (I’d never thought of it). Whether that ends up being the case in-canon or not, I’m going to personally believe it forever.

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