New York via…Texas?

Yeah, well.  I’m heading off this weekend for the East Coast.  I’ll be gone something like a month, ending with Viable Paradise.  Then I come back, and immediately fly off to Milehicon in Denver.  Then I come back, catch my breath, and it’s off to Convolution in California.  Finally, in the middle of November, I return home and collapse into a little pile of dust.

I had some trouble figuring out what to do with the bird–I do not want him spending a month in his little travel cage, which is what would happen if I boarded him.  My friend Caliann has agreed to watch him for me, which means that I drive to New York with a brief stop in Texas first.  Doesn’t everyone take that route?  I’m not sure when I’ll be picking him up again; I’m going to be pressed for time between the end of VP and my flight to Milehicon.  Maybe between Milehicon and Convolution.  Ugh.

Meanwhile, I’ll be gone from here for a month (though I will check in from time to time).  Those of you who know my alternate email address can start using it on Saturday.  Those of you on the East Coast, maybe we’ll run into each other.  I’m hoping to get a chance to see Gettysburg.


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  1. If things in the bird watching department fell through I could pk him up in NY and watch him here in MA ( along with our 7 resident birds and hedgehog). Of course, you’d then get a bird back that learned to scream really loud ” peek-a-boo up up thank you please” until stuffed with treats to shut him up.

    Have a safe, fun, productive trip….enjoy the Vineyard.

  2. Have a good trip.

    Drop me a note if you are going to make it to Gettysburg; it isn’t far. Ask Emma and Will about where the cover for their latest book came from, plus we know of a good place to eat in town. Finally, there appears to be a killer hat shop in town…


  3. I had a chance to tour Gettysburg a few years ago. The idea of thousands upon thousands of men dying while running across those fields is incredibly sad and moving.

  4. Just got the MileHiCon flyer in the mail and was thrilled to see that you’d be attending. There’s no program, so I’ll ask the horse’s mouth itself. What are you gonna be doin’ at the Con? Is there a chance I could buy you a beer or other alcoholic beverage?

  5. James: I don’t know what they have me scheduled for. But sure, feel free to look me up and we’ll have a beer or something.

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