Anyone know a furniture maker

I need a particular piece of custom-built furniture.  I can’t go into detail (it’s for a present, and if I describe it, the person it’s for will figure it out), but it will take someone who is good and creative.  Does anyone know someone who can do this sort of thing?

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Site administrative account, so probably Corwin, Felix or DD-B.

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  1. Most old order Amish communities have carpenters who do outside work. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and when someone needed a one-off piece of quality furniture, anyone who had a contact would get an Amishman to make it.

    On the down side, it’s not going to be the least expensive bid (nor likely the most expensive.) But it will be built exactly to spec, and it will last far longer than three generations. You’re only going to be billed for the time of a craftsman and the materials used. Profit doesn’t enter the equation.

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