Help. I can't remember my own work.

I”ve just written a scene for my current project in which my viewpoint character goes on a rant about being at peace with one’s self, expressing disdain for the concept.  I finished it, looked at it, and said, “Wait.  I’ve written this already.” Was that my imagination, or did I actually write that scene?  If so, where?  I should look it over to see if this one is different enough, or if I should just scrag it.  If someone more familiar with my work than I am can tell me, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

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  1. It sounds like something that might have been in Agyar, but it has been a while since I’ve read it.

  2. Seems like I remember Vlad and Loiosh having a conversation about that but I could be wrong and don’t remember which book anyway.

  3. I’ll second Michael and say it reminds me of Agyar, though I wouldn’t say you definitely did write it already…

    But, if it is similar and you like it, do it, because you’ll be saying it in a different voice.

    By the way, even if you’re not letting on much, I like these little glimpses into your writing as you go… just, you know, happy that we’re getting more of something from a damn good writer.

  4. Why don’t you send me over everything you’ve written and I’ll take a look. (Evilly rubbing hands over my devious plot)

  5. Agyar. I was glancing through the book last night and thought about Steve had posted and realized that’s where I’d seen it before.

  6. Okay, I figured out how to solve it. This is evil. I’m a genius. Bwahahahahaha!

    Thanks to all who checked.


  7. Wait, (O Evil Genius), was it from Cowboy Feng’s? It sounded like something from Cowboy Feng’s. Which I just now realized I should read again.

  8. Uh-oh. “Bwahahahahaha!” from you is like unto the rising of the Elder Gods from the deep.

  9. I would only note that the British comedian, author, and leftist Mark Steel is known for recycling his better jokes. You might hear it in an old radio program, witness it in one of his television programs, read it in his book, and then again in a column for The Independent.

    Perhaps it seems strange, but this apparently doesn’t bother anyone.

    If it turns out you’re recycling a bit, just do it well. Your narrative voice, especially in the Taltos cycle, is strong enough to reiterate a point.

  10. So, is this somehow connected to this :
    On June 10th, Skyler White and I started writing a book together. Today we finished the first draft. Woot!

    And if it’s not, can you tell us something about the collaboration? I’m on puns and noodles here!

  11. Billy: Yes, it is connected. The first draft is done. Current working title is Triggers, but that may change during the revision process as things become clearer.

    If you have a copy of an anthology called LORD OF THE FANTASTIC, stories in honor of Roger Zelazny, I have a story in there called “Calling Pittsburgh.” The protagonist in that story is one of the protagonists in this.

    At the moment, I am very happy with it. As I’ve said before, I haven’t had so much fun writing a book since Freedom and Necessity.

  12. skzb: Is this tied into the discussion we had over a late dinner at 4th street? If so, I’m seriously looking forward to it. Either way, add me to the beta readers list! :)

  13. @skzb: Glad to know I am not the only one to forget what I have written. ;)

    Ah, Cowboy Feng’s. I loaned out my copy years and years ago and now it is long gone. What a mistake.

    UPDATE: Just checked Amazon and see that it is in stock as a paperback. When did that happen?

    /heads off to purchase new replacement copy to be stored in secret, secure location

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