Why my girlfriend rocks

Reesa is recovering from surgery.  Part of the recovery process has involved some household rearranging that made it impossible for me to write.  Reesa and Nathan, while dealing with everything else, put enough effort into the problem that it’s now been solved, and I’m back to writing.  That she took the trouble to fix this (with, by the way, no help from me) under these conditions is, um, impressive seems too weak.

Anyway, Tiassa is humming along; I hope to have a completed first draft within a couple of weeks.  Those who didn’t want to wait an extra six months or so for it should thank Reesa and Nathan.

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  1. Your girlfriend does indeed rock! (As does Nathan.) Much thanks to them and to you. And best wishes for Reesa’s continued recovery and long-term health.

  2. Well, thanks, Reesa, Nathan. Just … just tell us Reesa wasn’t left to move furniture around. Please?

    I mean, Tiassa is important, but not to the point of busting sutures.

    Okay, okay. I kid. Of course she had to move the furniture.

    (I’ll just stop now, while I’m behind.)

  3. “Tiassa is humming along.”

    It’s a clue. He’s trying to tell us something. Machinery? Insects? Minstrels forgetting their words?

  4. Glad to hear Reesa is recovering well enough to do this.

    Hmmm… Reesa … Tiassa … I hear a book nickname in there somewhere.

  5. Well, Reesa definitely rocks. As does the news that Tiassa is coming along nicely. Best and fondest wishes to both of you from us in Israel.

  6. She’s quite something, isn’t she? :) Glad to see you’re back in your groove, bb. My best to all of you!

  7. So..ya for Ressa getting sick and thus leading to this surge of progress on the book front ? yikes.

    My mother bought me Issola ( i refused to buy the toilet top book style) and *nothing happened*. The only scenes of any interest were the ones with Vlad’s kid. Everything else was filler.

    Druz was great for the food as much the story..but it was cheating because the flavor really was not part of the story. Tissia.. you have so much story to draw on.Hopefully your corporate masters will allow this one to be a true story and not part of some far reaching book sales *system*

  8. Evrett, what does that have to do with this blog post? And btw, vlad norathor was not featured in issola. Burz was in jhegela. The food was in dzur and I assume that the interactions with vlad norathor you were referring to came from iorich. So basically everything you said was incorrect and disrespectful.

  9. Evertt: You are, of course, entitled to dislike anything I write. But if you think Tor has chosen to exercise any control over the content, you’re being stupid. See the name on the cover? That’s the name of the guy making the aesthetic decisions. And I make those decisions for the same reason I make all such decisions: in order to write the book that is as much what I’d like to read as possible.

    And, no, there is a surge in spite of Reesa’s surgery, not because of it.

    Tell your mother that, next time, instead of my book, she should get you Miss Manners. Post again after you’ve read some.

  10. Evrett/JD: Your ongoing issues with the pricing structures of the publishing industry, and inability to cope with the evolution of your favorite fictional murderer? *Not* the subject of this post.

    In the twenty-some comments you’ve left on this blog, you’ve come across as an ill-informed, presumptive boor in two-thirds or more of them. Perhaps before you next go looking for problems in the lives and actions of others, you should apply those focused powers of observation to yourself.

    Then maybe you’ll be able to hear one of your favorite authors praise his girlfriend for helping him get back to his writing right after the major surgery she had, instead of assuming he’s drawing some twisted power from her illness to shill for soulless corporate concerns. (Or that his profitable recreation is an addiction. Or that his own financial medical problems are the result of poor money management. Or that hardback books are part of a conspiracy to make you poor.)

  11. Not issola..Issola was ok..I meant IoRich.

    Who thought surges would be so useful. I’ve never heard of a surge before Iraq and now they are coming out of the woodwork.

  12. I’m very glad to hear that your writing is humming along. Allow me to echo those who have already said it: Reesa and Nathan rock!

  13. Thanks Reesa and Nathan! Its been tough out there lately with my top four authors lately: Neil Gaiman has been chugging along but I’m still waiting for another novel along the lines of American Gods or Anansi Boys, but George R. R. Martin is going on 5 years since Feast for Crows and Pat Rothfuss is at about 3-4 years for the sequel to the Name of the Wind =/

    Thanks for keeping up the writing, Steve. I’m a huge fan of yours and of Vlads, and can’t wait to read the rest of ’em!

    Cheers and hopefully Reesa will make a 100%, complete recovery!

  14. “my mother bought it for me” [chuckle]

    Well certainly, thanx and praise out to Reesa and Nathan! By gum it’s nice to hear things are ticking along!

  15. Steven: Always nice to hear about good things on the site about your life & your writing.

    I have enjoyed (and continued to through many rereads) ALL of the Vlad books. Yes, like most here, I have favorites (Orca, Issola, Dzur), but every book has great, memorable moments.

    I know it was a different post, but don’t be worried about pissing of your fans. If I may be so bold to collectively speak for us for a moment, we’ve grown to care about your characters. We may want certain things to happen, but in the end we want to hear the story told: tell us the truth about what happens to the characters, and we all will all be fine.


  16. Well since I fall into this category, my heartfelt thanks to Reesa and Nathan. More importantly however is the unbridled joy at Reesa’s recovery and continuing good health. Tiassa, though longed for by all your fans, comes a distant second to the health and happiness of those you love.

  17. I in no way intend to be dick here…but “unbridled joy ? health and happiness of those you love”..

    Wonderful sentiments…but just that. Gag.

  18. Evrett. Dude.

    If you haven’t experienced the emotional rollercoaster in which somebody close to you battles an illness of this nature, I wouldn’t expect you to understand some of these statements said in this posting.

    That’s not attacking you but explaining why some of these sentiments may be stated.

  19. evrett@24: “I in no way intend to be dick here…”

    Really? Just natural talent shining through, then?

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