This is to announcement my immediate retirement as a science-fiction writer in order to pursue a career playing professional bingo.  I also plan to go into investment banking as a sidelight.  My hope is that this new career will give me more time to practice the accordion while writing occasional articles for National Review.

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  1. It’s about time. Don’t forget to oppress some workers, or is that more or less a given?

  2. Seriously, I stared at this for 10 minutes before I figured out what day it was. Being sick sure loses one some time sense; I think change of this magnitude even I would have noticed. Silly man!

  3. You gosh darn %#@*& Hippo-loving ^^^% and #$#$ and **** horny-toad!!!! I applied for that position first! It’s my job!! Not yours!!! I will complain to my congressman about this! You just wait and see if I don’t! You’ll get yours you socialistic-liberal wanna-be!!

    (Sorry, that last insult is going a little too far. My apoligies.)

    I thought for sure I would going to get that job! Now I have to keep job hunting you heartless job-theif…yells, screams and curses fade into the distance…

  4. Since they fired Frum, there’s a spot open at the American Enterprise Institute.

  5. You forgot to give the real announcement:

    Vlad! The Musical will be opening on Broadway next week.

    Good luck at Goldman Sachs. We’ll miss you.

  6. I reado-ed that. I thought, “Damn, he’s finally gotten serious about the banjo!” The rest was poppycock, of course.

  7. You forgot the part where you chose David Drake to finish up the Vlad novels.

  8. Congratulations on the career change. I know it can be rough to change your source of income and way of life, but from what I’ve read, you’re the kind of guy to do it. I do have a request, though.

    I do enjoy Vlad’s tale, and I’d like it if you sold the intellectual property before you retire to Stephanie Meyer. She’s one of the best of the new-school of writing, and I’d love to see her take on the characters and world. As a long time fan, I don’t feel you owe us, in fact I feel we owe you… but I’d appreciate it if you consider what I feel would be a good move for Loiosh, Vlad and above all, Sethra.

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