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It is Emma Bull's birthday


Those of us who know Emma, or have read her work, or heard her sing, think this is a very, very fine day, because we are all ecstatic to know there is a her in the world.

I can think of many national holidays that could be replaced by a celebration of the existence of Emma Bull.


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  1. Yup. As Patrick recently tweeted, “Emma Bull is magnificent.” I should get the T-shirt.

  2. I wish it were easier to find her work. Admittedly, I only discovered her work a couple of years ago, but I love War for the Oaks and have read it six or seven times since then. Would love to read more.

    In any case, yes; thankful there’s a her. Happy birthday.

  3. Settle down over there! Harrumph. *thumps cane on floor*


    (Thank you, cousin. The world would be less wonderful if you weren’t in it.)

  4. Chy, see her web page(s), one of which is at:

    and also look in on for more of her writing (with friends).

    But Steven, I think that Emma would be perfectly happy with just one national holiday a year for her.

    (And ditto Emma’s closing comment above.)

  5. Aw, sweet, Vnend. Thank you!

  6. Happy Birthday to Emma!!!

  7. Interesting that yesterday I decided to finally start reading Freedom & Necessity then I look on Mr. Brust’s blog and he posts that it’s Emma Bull’s birthday.

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Let”s raise a glass in toast to Emma Bull’s birthday: “May she live and love as long as she wants, and may she continue to regale us with her songs and her words.”

  9. Happy Birthday, Emma! Love your books.

  10. I’ve only seen her in a MileHiCon one year when the GOH were: Steven Brust, Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Pamela Dean, Kara Dalkey.

    I had her books before then, but new ones seem rare.

  11. I’m all for piling on the Happy Birthdays. 😉 So, +1.

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