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  1. Unless your web site passes the Clement test, this gesture is, um, what’s the word?

    For all I never update my own web site, it was built from the ground up to pass the Clement test. Whether yours does or not, I haven’t investigated.

    (Others: Steve and I have a mutual friend who uses screen reader software to use the Internet. This works well on almost no web sites, and poorly everywhere else.)

  2. Uh, I am confused. I think I know what you mean by the Clement test, but I’m lost about what this has to do with the petition.

  3. I assume it has something to do with how the blind use a reader to read websites.

    My wife does a lot of work for government webpages (she’s a usability consultatnt) and there are a ton of interesting things you can’t or shouldn’t do to provide accessability to the blind for webpages.

    Pretty interesting stuff. Not well documented in many places though, you almost have to hire a specalist to get things right.

    My wife quite enjoys her work.

  4. If you’re in favor of accessibility, that’s great, and signing a petition is also great. “In an ideal world, publishers and authors would publish books and other materials in formats that are accessible for persons with disabilities”, and all that.

    Me, the tiny bit of stuff I publish *is*.

    GWW, getting it right for screen readers isn’t too hard if you simplify the heck out of your design and code, and caption every picture.

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