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Texas Wisdom #66


A great zen teacher came up to Billy-Bob Gautama and said, “I know that today is your birthday, thus I intend to give you a gift.  I give you greatest gift there is: nothing.”  Billy-Bob said, “And the greatest state of the mind is thoughtlessness,” then he hit the teacher over the head with the short staff named Hank.  “Thank you,” said the teacher, having thus received enlightenment.


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  1. Somewhere in here there’s gotta be a picture of Hank:

    “Way of the Short Staff”

    ps – my favorite quote from this page – “Warning: Practicing with Staff Weapons Can Be a Dangerous Activity for Adults”; so – it must be safe for Kids!

  2. That’s cuz there is no such thing as nothing and Bawb knew he was fibbing and needed a little light shone on the subject.

  3. If the zen master wanted to avoid getting rapped on the head he should have wrapped the present.

  4. A person might say just about anything after being hit over the head with a staff.

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