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Texas Wisdom #38


“What an amazing thing is the mind!  It begins to work the moment you are born, and goes right on working until you meet a pretty girl.”

— Billy-Bob Gautama


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  1. Any plans on compiling these into one document? I have told some folks a couple of them, and would love to share them all…

  2. Not sure. It does sound kind of fun, but not sure how I’d go about it. Maybe I’ll talk it over with my agent. How many do you think I should have? And I’m glad you’re enjoying them. It just started as a time killer until I could get my LJ feed working again and go back to working on Smith; but it’s sort of taken on a life of it’s own.

  3. The BBG snippets are fun…

    I have told the one with the ten shots of Jim Beam to a lot of folks, and it always gets a smile if not a laugh, and I forced the wife to read em all so far, and even Her Dourness liked em. I guess all we could hope for would be that you keep posting em if nothing else.

    And I hate to admit being intellectually lazy, but I really like reading your glosses on tWoN, it makes it seem less daunting…

  4. “Oh what a wondrous thing it is to be a reasoning being, for it allows one to find or make up a reason for anything one is of a mind to do.”
    -Benjamin Franklin

  5. Ignorance is bliss.

  6. It’s not the prettty girls that faze half of us. Just sayin.’

  7. Damned if this one isn’t spot-on.

    My friends in middle school actually used the word hamartia in conversation about my, ahem, problems in this area.

  8. God created Eve from Adam. Thus Adam lost Enlightenment.

  9. These sort of remind me of Heinlein’s “From the Notebooks of Lazarus Long”, although not all of his were funny.

  10. Also, not as many of these were first said by Twain. 😉

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