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Steven Brust: “A masterful storyteller of contagious glee and self-deprecating badassery” —Skyler White


  1. Mmmmm. Shiner Bock. I got turned onto it on a trip to DFW a few years back and I buy it whenever I can find it now. The Texas Steak House chain had it as a specialty house brand for a while but it didn’t catch on. Dammit.

  2. Hard to argue with that.

  3. It’s fun to yell at the radio ain’t it!?

  4. I wikipedia’ed this. I’m now thirsty. I wonder if they import it to my part of the planet?

  5. Abby Road Restaurant in Virginia Beach keeps it stocked, Kroger and Harris-Teeter grocery chains sometimes have it. Look for San Miguel while you’re in either, it’s another good one.

  6. Thanks – but I’m a touch further South and a bit to the East (or the West) than any of those places you mentioned.

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