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Texas Wisdom #29


“Work is love made visible.  What’s that mean?  Nuthin’.  But it sounds deep, don’t it?  Dang.”

— Billy-Bob Gautama


Author: corwin

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  1. Work is a necessary evil.

  2. AShortt: Thanks for replying to these; it’s really nice to be getting feedback and I appreciate it.

  3. These are awesome and all, but how many more of them do you have?

  4. Um. I don’t know.

  5. And thus was enlightenment achieved.

  6. This one is just a bald-faced lie for most people.

  7. Miramon: Well, I’m not Billy-Bob, but I agree. And, viewed in context, an especially offensive lie.

  8. But is it a lie for you in particular? I think its not.

    I tell you what though. The world would be a better place if was true.

  9. schmwarft: Agreed on both counts.

  10. Absolutely love these…reminds me slightly of Zen without Zen Masters.

    As far as work being love made visible…every job I’ve done I’ve loved on some level, heh.

  11. skzb – Sir, since I was a teen you have been a warm fire in the cold forest of…you’ve been a beacon of…dang wish I could write to (or is it too? and should there be a question mark here as well as a period after these brackets? And should these ‘and’s’ be capitalized, how about those quote marks wrong, right, geeze and now another question mark? And how do you actually spell geeze; jeeze, geese or just skip fake expressionary type words.

    Dang words is tough work – keep up the great work!

  12. AShortt: Thanks. 🙂

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