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Texas Wisdom #23


One day Preacher Higgens went to see Billy-Bob Gautama.  He said, “Goat, I don’t mind you being a Buddhist and all, but I can’t help but wish you were a Christian Buddhist.”  “Why, Preacher, that’s just what I am,” said Billy-Bob.  “I got a ‘Support our Troops’ bumper sticker, I don’t want Darwin taught in schools, I think women ought to stay home and make babies, and I spend most of my day tellin’ other folk how they ought to live.  Now, if that don’t make me a Christian, what does?”  Thus Preacher Higgens was Enlightened.


Author: corwin

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  1. Religion…the greatest gaff of all time.

  2. Are you channeling Iron Joe Bob by any chance?

  3. Can’t say I’m familiar with Iron Joe, but he seems like a righteous fellow.

  4. It makes him a redneck, but not a Christian. For that he has to diss whatever flavors he ain’t. too.

  5. Is that all it takes to Enlighten preachers? If only the world were so kind…

  6. If it was they’d stifle it, the money’s too good.

  7. But, Billy Bob, it ain’t Christian to mock the poor man.

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