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  1. Oooh! I can’t wait! I need to go and buy the books I lost in the fire ASAP so I can refresh some of my memory (the first five I’ve read so many times, but the later ones, I read 1-2. Damn fires).

    I cannot wait!

  2. Oooh, another Vlad novel. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.
    Can’t possibly come out fast enough. :)

  3. Awesome. :D Should be a great book.

    I always wondered when Tiassa would be used as a title.

  4. Cool. Is this going to be moving forward in the timeline, or another flashback book?

  5. Not to change the subject, but how’s Y0ur Itch going? Is it still being looked at by professionals? Or is it under control at home?

  6. Hey, that’s right! There’s already one in the pipe somewhere. Double good Christmas news!

  7. That is great. Now I do need to go rebuy. My copies are dying due to wear. Wish they were in hardcover, those seem to last longer. (btw, it is all the original ones that are falling apart). But I is excited.

    Perhaps that is an understatement.

  8. Jesterscap: If you’re going to rebuy, I’d suggest you look at buying autographed copies from the author. They’re very reasonable, and the return to the author is pretty darn high.

    I bought one of every hardcover he had on hand as a Christmas present last year.

    Probably need to buy the new ones here sometime soon.


  9. David Goldfarb @ 5: Hee hee hee.

    Dennis @ 7: Waiting to hear from my editor. I still don’t know if it sucks. Fingers crossed.

  10. Well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed too, though I’m completely sure it will be awesome.

  11. We gotta figure out how to shorten the publishing cycle. Knowing that there’s fun new material being produced to feed my addiction that I won’t get to see for _at least_ a year.. well.. it leaves me a tad twitchy.

  12. That is great news! I have been waiting a long time for Tiassa. Not to pursuade, but I have always hoped the Tiassa would be Khaavren.

    Now, gaze at this swaying watch while I speak. You are getting very sleepy…

  13. Holysnappinduckshit Batman!

    Is it just me or are you pumping out these books at a quicker rate than in recent times?

    Is Texas a more productive state than MN?

  14. I’ll second the hopes of seeing Khaavren in _Tiassa_, though if you *really* want to float this fanboy’s boat it’ll be a semi-sequel to _Sethra Levode_, perhaps offering some insight into the latter days of the Blue Fox.

  15. And ok, I’ll bite. Cause I have no idea about these things. Sometimes being a newbie stinks to high heaven.

    How do I find/get those autographed copies? Cause I would love to have them.

  16. Thank you, Reesa, for helping with productivity. Steve, I am waiting to here when I can get my hands on Iorich. I just read through all of the others again to refresh my knowledge. I am now reading Brokedown Palace for the first time. I would love to be able to read the original versions of what you have written before edited just to see a comparison. I don’t believe that there is anything that you write that can suck, so you should be safe. Thanks again for opening up my mind to reading.

  17. Dude you rock. You totally made my birthday on the 8th.

    I know you won’t tell but will Vlad become more efficient and productive one he gets his love life in order?

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  18. Ken: If they don’t, I will hand-deliver a signed copy to you. You only have to pay for the airfare and hotel accommodations. Now is THAT a deal, or what?

  19. Woo hoo! Now I can look forward to Tiassa as well as Iorich! Yay!

    Enthusiastic fan is enthusiastic.

  20. Excellent. It’s nice having something to look forward to. Thank you, Steve. And thanks for Vlad. Just a tid bit of information you might like to know. I haven’t picked up a book since high school until I got my hands on Dzur. Ever since then, my spare time is used getting lost in the Empire traveling with the Easterner. Thanks again.


  21. Great news!!

    Have em all and have read each tons of times. Also if anyone hasn’t read “To Reign in Hell”, they have missed one of the best imaginings of the battle for heaven ever conceived and a great show of how the true evil is the shifty little weasels in the shadows that cause the damage. Wow, that still works in current days

    couple questions

    any more “omnibus” editions coming out like “The book of Jhereg” or “the Book of Taltos”? They are great for updating older out of print editions that have fallen apart

    With movies like Wanted and Hitman popularizing assassins, and in a post LOTR world, has anyone approached you about a screen adaptation of our FAVORITE assassin?

  22. Don’t let the director of ‘Wanted’ anywhere near your works–he made many changes from the original work. Same for the guy who did ‘I am Legend’. I know that they can’t follow novels verbatim, but changing the plot and the ending was a bit much.

  23. Larry: Thanks. The Omnibus editions are from Berkley; so far as I know Tor has no such plans for the books they publish. And no, so far no one has approached me about a movie deal.

  24. I’m surprised you didn’t say you were up to 17 pages. Can’t wait to read the next reign of the cycle…

  25. Excellent news. Jhegalla was a complex little read, one I’m going to have to return to a few times. Glad to hear the juice flows on.

  26. skzb – Is it possible for a fan to make a reference to your books that is even too nerdy for the author? Did WOOKIE just do it?

    WOOKIE – :-p

  27. Just curious, but just reread Yendi and wondering when we might see or find out more about Devera?

    Also, will “Your Itch” or “Three Asses” show us Vlad meeting his child?


  28. See, I liked Agyar…I think there may be a lawsuit in order against “True Blood”…or maybe not….Either way, Vlad and I have been kicking Dragareans around for about 16 years now….looking forward to our next bout…..

    Best to you…..

  29. As long as I am asking questions, (and getting answers:), I am rereading Brokedown Palace and wondering what the timeline is compared to the Vlad novels?

    The reason I ask is I am wondering if we have “seen” Miklos’s daughter in the Vlad novels?

    Thanks for the previous answers, SKZB.

  30. How about a special “Open Thread (Spoliers)”? That would give folks a chance to hash out anything that might count as a spoiler from any book. I know there are few things I wonder about that I wouldn’t bring up somewhere they could ruin a surprise for a new reader.

  31. @57, @59: If I don’t read via RSS, I won’t be reading at all. I may intend to, but it won’t happen. If you WANT me to go away, keep up the ‘tude.

  32. I’ll keep up the ‘tude regardless, whether you go away or not is entirely up to you and of no particular interest to me.

  33. Got a better way than RSS to actually see new comments? If not, don’t bloody well tell me not to use the tool that works.

  34. And when there’s a new comment on a post from a week ago? Two weeks? A month? Do you have everything all the way back?

  35. New comments are at the top of the stack on the righthand side of the page, no matter how long ago the original post was.

  36. @65: Sure, if you have time to look often enough that there aren’t more than 15 comments since you last looked. I have a day job and travel from time to time; I don’t have time to manually check dozens of sites . RSS feeds are provided for a reason, and are a very useful tool. The fact that you apparently eschew them is no reason to dismiss my usage.

  37. The fact that you do use RSS is no reason to disallow a thread requested by others and agreed to by SKZB. If RSS isn’t useful in this particular instance then perhaps you shouldn’t use RSS in this particular instance, hence the old joke that followed your complaint. How selfish of you to rebut with an annoyance that apparently only affects you..

    If you tab it instead, you can just click that tab now and again for updates.

  38. I’m not disallowing anything; just providing a data point. There’s a huge leap from “mildly annoying” to “don’t do that”, and I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone what to do with their blog in the first place. SKZB asked if he should answer a question, L. Raymond suggested a spoilers thread; I provided my opinion of such threads; you told me not to use a legitimate tool. Do you see a command there? Because I sure wasn’t issuing one, and the only imperative I see is yours.

  39. Sheesh, I certainly did not mean to start all this up. For me, I would not mind a spoiler thread as I like to speculate and talk to people about ideas. I am guessing an “RSS” is something that sends e-mails or notices on new things on the site. I can see where that could be upsetting to those who do not want spoilers, but, as I said, spoil away SKZB. Now, that I started thinking about Miklos’ child, it is really on my mind. i have noticed that you put such things in novels and don’t bring them back for a long time, so deifnitely seems possible.

    While rereading the earlier Vald novels, can’t help but see all the hints about spellbreaker that did not come to fruition until recently. (For those that don’t like spoilers and have not read the last few, don’t read that last sentence.)

    Anyway, just my thoughts.

  40. BBWolf: You wanna talk about things coming to fruition that started long ago, reread with an eye on a particular character with regard to the end of Orca. That one has the first evidence of it in the first Vlad book. Beautifully done, SKZB. It is always a joy to reread Vlad with an eye toward any given extended plot. After all, there are so many to choose from! ;)

  41. Unfortunately, that would require me to dig out those books that are currently in a box in my garage from my move 3 years ago. I really should, but am a tad too lazy. I know what you are talking about in both books, though. But exactly, another great example of how SKZB does it.

    Does this mean he is a Yendi? Setting up intricate plots years in advance?

    That would make for a fun internet quiz. Which house do we belong to? How sad if I turned out to be a Teckla!

  42. My late wife and I loved the series, my sons and I keep rereading them getting even more pleasure out of them each time.
    the eldest now makes Klava, or a resonable fascimle (sp) thereof,

    Go Steven, Long Live Vald,
    can not wait for the next books

  43. This is my first post, and I’m stoked that you pay such close attention to your fans, Steven (or Mr Brust, whatever you want). Personally, I love the sort of mid-level popularity, because it makes me feel like I found the best book series I’ve ever read in this little corner of the world that hasn’t been polluted by commercialism and cookie-cutter, front shelf crap! Anyway, question the first: Is Vlad going to be done after 18 books? (one for each House and Taltos)

  44. Steve or Steven is fine. No, nineteen, if I live that long. I intend one called The Last Contract. My girlfriend Reesa observed this would be a prologue, 17 chapters, and an epilogue, like all the books. What’s weird is that I had never made that connection until she pointed it out.

    I like mid-level popularity myself. I’m not “famous” in the sense that I’m recognized or hassled when I go out, but every once in a while I run into someone’s who’s heard of me; good for the ego. My colleague John Dechancie coined the term “phamous” (pronounced to rhyme with hummus) for that state. I like it.

  45. Just finished reading the entire Taltos canon, this time in ‘chronological’ (rather than published) order. It gave me a new slant on the series (and on the evolution of skzb’s writing style). Dragon was fun in that it seems to wrap around a couple of the books, but what the heck, and author is entitled to his fun.
    The modified ‘hell ride’ in one of the books (pace Zelazny) was fascinating, and makes me want to re-read Amber, now.

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