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  1. I’ve heard the chords two different ways, one by Reed (which I’m quite sure is incorrect, but it may be what you are more familiar with — I think Reed modified both the chords and the melody) and one by Bob Berlien, who is on LJ. Or you might want to call me up and play me the record over the phone.


  2. Given the nature of this song, I have fear. Because, well, is it unworthy of me to suspect that it might be a little…different when you do it?

  3. Gimme a li’l while — coupla days, anyhow. I’m one of the world’s slowest typists, & haven’t done “chords over words” things in quite awhile — which is especially necessary with this song. If I had a web cam, I’d just put it up on YouTube; say luh vee.

    The chords I have are the ones I learned from Mike Smith (horse’s fingers, & all that), & there are a few “maj7” chords & arpeggios in ’em that nobody else seems to figger out, including the Mudcat site & everybody else I’ve ever heard try the tune.

    Love Ya,

  4. Quick note to Emma:
    Steve can’t do any worse to it than I already have — different, maybe, funnier, perhaps, but not worse. Smith has never known whether to sue me or do it himself. I made beer come out his nose. It’s the lowest, vilest thing I’ve ever put on paper. Kathy won’t sing it with me.

  5. Bob, I love the original. But I worship you for what you did to it. (Well, in addition to the other things I worship you for.)

  6. I just want to say that it makes me smile to see Steve, Nate, Bob, & Emma all talking here about “Spoon River”. I don’t know Patch, but appreciate the google-fu.

    The song is wonderful and I love Reed’s version and Bob’s version and would of course love to see/hear Steve’s take on it too.

    I’ve got a music party in my head now– yay!

  7. I’ve got them now, thanks all. And Em, actually, I’m doing it straight–I love that song. I miss having Bob or Reed around to play it, so I have to do it myself.

  8. I guess you already have the chord progression, but I’ll leave this anyway in case it is any help.

    C Em F G
    C Em F G
    C Em F G
    C Em F G
    C C C7 C7
    F F Fm Fm
    C Em F G

    They’re in the Rise Up Singing book. I haven’t tried to play it, so I’m not sure of the number of measures per chord. Anyway…

  9. I miss having you, Bob, Reed and Emma around.

    Shit, where’s that guitar?

    Hmm. Dead strings. I can fix that!

  10. Bob: I shall send you a webcam soonest. Working as I do at a Place Where Tech Goes to Die and Be Reborn Horribly Mutated, this should not take long.

    Yes, I am a selfish marsupial bastard for sending you such a thing. Or, umm, manipulative? I get them confused.

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