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  1. The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and something that’s like, way brighter and makes you go, “Oh, yeah, man. Yeah!” You know?

  2. Earlier last week I was helping a co-worker by sitting through a dry run of a presentation he was to give later in the week. I was so clearly reminded at just how much word choice matters. Stuff like:

    “I expect you all remember…”
    “In case you aren’t familiar with…”

    Talking down to someone you’re hoping to teach something to is an excellent way to get ignored.

  3. Actually, that is very well put. Precision in language is vitally important just about all the time, but not all the time, making “stuff” an excellent choice.

    Blair has it exactly right in “Politics and the English Language” — something worth re-reading every so often. Lack of precision in language often betrays lack of precision in thought. Fuzzy mental categories make for abysmal writing, indeed. Hell, even Paarfi knows what he wants to say.

  4. JP @ 4: Well, if you and Brad are going to be serious–I’ll mention my favorite book on the subject: _Less Than Words Can Say_ by Richard Mitchell. It’s short, it’s witty, it’s brilliant.

  5. Especially in situations like: “We’re all going to die in four seconds if you don’t work the thingy over there!”

  6. This discussion makes me want to see more of Sticks. He could say so much with so few words.

  7. May I borrow the use of this phrase (with some way of giving you credit) on one of those published venues on the computer communication network? It has a page of these thingies.

  8. I would like to second the motion for more Sticks … There is definietly a future in it..

  9. Oh please, as if the difference between the right word and the wrong word meant miniscule.

  10. I thought precision in language is necessary for THINGS. но, религиозные речи секретных языков мошенничества и обмана.

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