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Out of Touch


Off to Las Vegas.  I’ll be packing Wednesday, loading Thursday, and leaving Friday in the unlikely even that all goes well.  I’ll be out of touch until I get back to Texas, barring the unforseen.

If anyone wants to help me load, mention it here, and Kit and Reesa will tell you how to find the house.

See you all in a week or so.


Author: corwin

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  1. Wish we could help! (Damn end-of-the-month financial work. Poopy!)

    Good luck, and we’ll see you in your new, Texas home! (Sooner than later, we hope.:)


  2. Stopped by around 7 but nobody answered the door. I don’t live far away so give me a call if you need help tonight. I’ll make some time to come around tomorrow evening, if you still need help then.


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