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I’ve done a fanfic Firefly novel. If anyone is interested, it can be found (free for download) here.

Note from Kit to Boing-Boing visitors and other new arrivals (2/18): Hey all, welcome and enjoy the novel. Things have been busy in the Dream Café since we released this, and so we unfortunately did not prioritize fixing the typos our readers have sent in or putting up other file formats. Please check back soon — by Wednesday I hope to have a bunch of mobile friendly formats available, and to have corrected the typos you’ve sent in.

Note from Kit (2/22): Welcome to New York Times visitors and other new arrivals. Thank you to all the readers for your patience — I’ve corrected all the typos I was sent and updated the files on our website. The book is also now available in HTML format. Hopefully, other mobile friendly formats will arrive soon.

Second 2/22 update: a .prc version of the file is now available for mobile devices.

December 2012 Update: Here’s a new link for the updated

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  1. I’m SO excited to finally be able to share this with my friends. This novel is totally kickass — and I don’t just say that because you’re my punalua. I was especially impressed with how you got inside River’s head.

    Please share this with all your Browncoat friends.

    BTW, Steve has requested you email me if you find any typos, errors, etc in the files.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I was just wondering what to read on my upcoming trip.

  3. WOW! Worth the wait! … and I don’t want to comment in case people don’t want spoilers. Masterfully done, just what you’d expect from a Brust/Firefly mix.

    (I just spent 4 hours reading this thing!!!)

  4. I’ve notified the local sci-fi community, tell your server team to brace themselves.

  5. Fantastic addition to the Firefly universe, had me laughing out loud by the end of the second passage. I have been excited by the thought of you writing a Firefly novel ever since I heard of the project. The fact that this now came out under a CC license is a plus as far as I’m concerned, I wish more authors would go that way. Thank you a lot!

    Now, is there any way you can accept money for this book, or does that somehow violate the “fanfic”ness and put you in hot water with regards to the Firefly copyright holders? I’m asking because I would certainly have bought this book if it had gone on sale via the usual channels and the fact that it’s CC only makes me want to pay for it more. If so, how to send it?

  6. Many thanks for the kind words; I’m very glad you liked it, and that you took the time to tell me so.’

    It’s good of you to ask about donations. There is a donate button on the web site (although we removed from the download page so it wouldn’t look like we were hinting or something).

    Again, thanks much; glad you liked it!

  7. skzb: I haven’t had a chance to read yet, but it is a very difficult choice to go to work today and not stay home and devour this!

    I think you can expect to see people linking directly to the novel’s page from high-traffic blogs/planets, slashdot, etc, very soon. These people will not explore, and so it is probably best to have a “donate” button right there. I think you’ll be surprised at the response.

    Is your server ready for such traffic? I want to share this with everybody but I don’t want your server attacked before you’re ready. :-)

  8. Since it’s fanfic no money can be accepted for the novel. OTOH, if, after enjoying the novel, someone wants to follow the little donate link to the donate page and toss some money into the Dream Cafe coffers because Steve is such an awesome guy, it’d be much appreciated.

  9. Go ahead and link away. The server is as ready as it will ever be. If it gets overloaded we’ll link to a mirror somewhere.

  10. Thank you times a billion for making this available. I was so excited to hear that you had written it, and now to be able to read it…! The level of Cool Stuff in the world has definitely gone way up. Thanks again.

  11. I hate to say it but my initial reaction to the post and link was a disappointing:


    When it obviously should have been “Shiny”.

  12. New to the ‘verse (got the series DVD set for Christmas and watched ’em 4 times since) , but absolutely hooked after just a few pages! You have really captured the feelings of JW’s Firefly. Well executed and very much appreciated.

    You can take me out of the world anytime!

  13. No fair! I’m at work!! Ok – have to go share the pain over AIM with all my other Brustian-converts who are also at work and will have to wait till at least 5 before getting started. :)


  14. I’ve been waiting for this ever since you read parts at ConFusion over two years ago. It’s a darned shame they wouldn’t let you publish it for real, but I’m so glad you’re letting us read it and I’ll devour it as soon as I get home tonight after my stupid Arabic test. *kicks stupid Arabic test*

  15. The first novel I’ll even try to read on the screen. I would have loved to see it published so I could’ve bought the book, but this is far better than nothing.


  16. Speaking as both a former fan fic writer and as a current lawyer, I’d say be very careful about accepting donations. You could be sued for profiting off a copyrighted work. I would not want to see that happen to you, but companies take the acceptance of money very seriously. Moreover, you’re easy to find; your real name is out there in public, linked to the work, and you’re asking people to redistribute it.


  17. Yay! Now I can share with people the awesome Firefly love! Now they can stop being jealous!

    Can’t wait to read it again.

    Thanks for sharing (and for writing), Steve!

  18. Thanks, Mack. I didn’t realize that was an issue, but, in any case, I am NOT taking donations for that book–that’s why Kit pulled the donation button from the download page.

  19. Question: the introductory text on the page says, “You are free to download it and share it with your friends as long as it is not used for commercial purposes.” However, the CC license includes an additional “no derivative works” requirement. Which of these was intended?

  20. Kate #27: When I asked about that, I was told “no derivative works” means no permission to alter the text. If that’s true, there’s no conflict.

  21. Yes, the no-derivative license prohibits alterations to the text. It also prohibits works that transform or build upon it, such as other stories that refer to events in the novel.

    (Which, to digress a bit, it seems a bit of a hole in the CC licensing scheme. I can imagine an author who didn’t want people altering the text by, say, deleting random chunks just to vandalize, yet still wanted to give permission for people to write fic building on the story. OTOH I suspect it’s an unusual enough situation that CC doesn’t need a license for it, and someone could just explicitly give additional permissions in addition to the CC license.)

  22. Yeah, I didn’t realize that. The idea of someone fictionally building on what I did is cool; I certainly wouldn’t want to stop that.

  23. Can’t wait to read it!

    So I take this to mean that you are also not hostile to fanfiction based on your books (noncommercial, of course)? If so, awesome!

  24. Hostile? No. As I understand it (and I don’t understand it very well), I can’t actually “give permission;” there is the danger of me actually losing some rights if I do. But it isn’t like I object.

  25. Only read one fifth or so so far, but my one request, in the intro, tell us when this is set. From my experience with FanFic most writers place the story in the time line explicitly at the beginning. I started out ok Before the movie, but after War Stories, but before Objects in Space…

  26. Having been through the whole thing at this point, I can only offer this:

    Mr. Brust, you sir, are a Browncoat above ‘coats. Your story is excessively shiny.

    Thank you for sharing.

  27. I downloaded this at work but am finally home (it’s nearly 10pm) and finally through the various night time routines that end with me in bed, under a warm fluffy duvet all set to curl up with this shiny, shiny novel and perhaps some tea. I tried to get the pdf into my Kindle but failed miserably-I printed out a hard copy instead (which is just as well as everyone inour household wants to read it-even (in theory) my 9 year old.
    Thank you!

  28. Holy sh*t. Brust’s entire career has been one big setup for that story. It stays more honest than honest with the source, while leveraging all the best aspects of prose in a way that just f*cking melds with Firefly. The prologue felt a bit loose, but after sweet stuff. I laughed twice out loud, and there’s one line that just resonates in way that would be difficult to shake if I had a mind to.

  29. Wow – combining two of my very favorite things: a Steven Brust novel and Firefly. This was an absolutely wonderful read – thanks for writing it!!! (and as blindly loyal as I am to Joss, he was a fool for not jumping on a chance to have you writing in his universe)

  30. I downloaded this yesterday evening… So, of course, I’m exhausted today! =^D

    And let me just add that Whedon and Co. were crazy for not buying this.

  31. “They way Jayne…” should be “The way Jayne…”?
    (page 162 PDF)
    Love the narrative. Thank you for sharing.

  32. I downloaded this last night, shared the IRL with friends and associates, and am printing the thing out right now so I don’t have to sit at the computer until my butt falls asleep. Thank you!

  33. Would you consider either (1) modifying the “No Derivatives” license to allow the creation of an audiobook version, or (2) creating and distributing an audiobook version yourself? I am under the impression that the creation of an audiobook version, even if machine read, would violate the “No Derivatives” aspect of the Creative Commons license.

    My daily commute is two hours round trip, and I always listen to audiobooks. Because I have little free time otherwise, I will not get to read the text version of this for months, but if I could generate a machine read audiobook version, I could start it tomorrow. Making this available digitally does allow people with visual disabilities to read the book, so having an audiobook version is not as crucial for that reason, but I’m sure it would be appreciated by the blind community none-the-less.

  34. Thank you for writing this, I hope it grows into another and so on. I stayed up all last night printing and reading. Seriously cool you did this Mr. Brust!

  35. Read it yesterday. As usual with Mr Brust’s writing it was incredibly hard to break away until it was finished.

    Nice work as always.

    Though in the interests of all things Green I did not print it.

  36. Zandperl :: 52:: I’ll talk to Kit about the audiobook thing. I’ve no objection, I just know nothing about licensing and such.

  37. I’m on page 85 and lovin it so far.
    But I’d like to repeat the question sb. already posted above:
    “Is there a definite point in the timeline when this takes place?”

    Alos I’ve been reading at various places, including here, that this was a novel proposal that got rejected or some variation of that theme.

    Any chance for a nice little post clearing that up Mr. S.K.Z. B.?

  38. Kaba::57:: I heard there might be novels, and I suck at proposals, so I just wrote the book. I knew very well that it might not publish. For one thing, we were told the novels would be set after the movie, and I wanted mine set between the end of the TV show and the movie. But I wrote it because I wanted to read it, and published it as fanfic when I became convinced publication wasn’t going to happen.

    I hope that answers both of your questions.

  39. For people who care about such things, the book was written in emacs on a box running Mandrake Linux, then I used OpenOffice to format it for printing. The final layout for online publication was created with Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. People who care about such things need to get a life.
    Ahem. As someone in the process of formatting and otherwise mucking about with her first book, I quite care about how others handle it…

    …which, come to think, doesn’t exactly disprove the needing to get a life thing. But I appreciate the information, at any rate. ;-)

  40. *gasp*

    I just finished Dzur to get my fix of Steven Brust writing (my favorite living author, and my second favorite next to Zelazny). As always, I’m hungry for more.

    And then I find out that there is a whole novel, available and free, right now! And in sci-fi!

    Seems too good to be true! This really made my day.

  41. i don’t even know what to say…

    this just made my day a lot lot better!
    it’s amazing how so many years later firefly is still remember and loved by all the fans.

    forever a browncoat! forever remember….

    i’m a lost browncoat in portugal ;)

  42. Excellent work. I started reading it before driving home and finished it off as soon as I got back. It was almost as if I could hear the theme song playing in my mind.

    It is definitely way to soon to state, but I want more!!!!

    Based on this I will be looking to pick up some of your other work on Amazon.

  43. Thanks so much for posting this. I plan on settling down and reading it as soon as possible. I’m doubly excited because it is set prior to Serenity, so all the big da*n heroes are still alive (if not necessarily on Serenity). It might be too early for this, but I hope you’ll write more firefly inspired works.

  44. Thanks so much for your effort in writing this. I have been so hungry and devoured as much Firefly related material over the past couple years, the series DVD, movie, graphic novel and this is another great addition. I am so looking forward to reading this. Kudos!!!!

  45. Excellent review Skwid thanks for that. Thoroughly enjoyable read, just couldn’t but the book down until I finished which was the day I bought it, the only bad thing is it’s left me wanting more…sigh.

  46. now that is an amazing piece of something. i read it in just a few hours and right after i had to watch the dvds! I was amazed at the wit and the convoluted plot (much like a vlad book) and the way the characters sounded just right…it was a might bit creepifying. as everyone has said, you got into river’s head (something i bet you had a hard time unraveling the trail back home), got mal’s honor and code exact, jaynes …jayneness, well you know you got it all and you got it right
    I want to thank you…Thank You!

  47. Hey there just like to say that I enjoyed your book even though i haven’t finished yet I am very impressed with it so far and am glad to see it in book fromat.

    As a trainee writer myself I have found this very inspiring and I am now planning my own firefly fanfic which I hope to get made into a book one day.

    any pointers you can give me and well done on a great book.

  48. Long time fan, followed a link here, downloaded the book — and just read it in a single sitting, in spite of more pressing (and lucrative) things to do. You made me laugh out loud, and you made me mist up with a few key lines, carefully set up. Doesn’t get much better than that. ..bruce..

  49. The book sound great, and I’m excitedly downloading it now. I’m curious, though, if the novel is really unauthorized fanfic, why did you put it up under a CC licence?

    I ask because fan fiction writers traditionally… don’t. The copyright law around fic is blurry, but it’s generally understood that as we’re borrowing characters, setting and backstory without permission, putting a legal stamp on our writing is at best pointless and at worst asking for problems. (There have, of course, been instances of people taking credit for another’s work or being otherwise dishonourable, but the community has evolved methods of dealing with that.)

    Is it because you expect the story to reach an audience outside of the fanfic community, one which may not know the etiquette that has evolved? Or is this a line in the sand; the story is yours, the form is fair use, and Firefly’s copyright defenders should take up bonsai gardening.

  50. Thanks for doing this – I’m sure there are many people like me who wished for more adventures from this great series and won’t get caught up in the minute details that often become argument fodder for the rabid fanbase. I am looking forward to reading it and wanted to say thanks before I started, because the effort is important and if the results are as good, then there is even more to love about this.

  51. Karen@76: We chose a CC license for a few reasons, one of them which you state — this novel is circulating outside the fanfic community because of the reputation of its author.

    One reason we chose this license was that we were wanted to make it clear to everyone that you are not only free to share it but we positively encourage it. At the same time, we would prefer that people leave the book intact and leave Steve’s name on it.

    I think also in the back of our minds was the idea that a CC license makes it clear that while it is free for noncommercial use, the writing still belongs to Steve and if someone were to officially publish it someday they’d have to pay him money, just like any other book.

    As has already been made clear by Steve in this thread, Steve doesn’t care if you write a sequel to this book, or other fanfic related to what happens here. That is a derivative work, but unfortunately there is no CC license which says ‘you can’t change this work but you can create something else based on it.’

  52. Thank you Steve!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I was glad to see that we got each character’s viewpoint, rather than just one. (Although seeing the entire story thru Wash’s viewpoint would have been interesting too.)
    After enjoying your stories for more than twenty years, I was gratified?? (greatly satisfied??) to discover that you are a Firefly fan too. The ‘verse is in sync. Looking forward to Jambalaya!

  53. Would it be ok with the licence to print a few copies using and give/sell to my friends as long as we only charge the actual cost of printing and shipping? Could even be set up so everyone who wanted could buy a copy at cost. What do you think?

  54. Much as I like the idea, Jorg, I have to say no. Any time money is changing hands, we’re on shaky legal ground. And, with everthing else happening right now (I’m in the middle of filing bankruptcy), the last thing I need is legal hassle with Universal or Mutant Enemy or someone else.

    I’m sorry, because it sounds nifty.

  55. I loved it! Thanks for taking us back to the ‘verse for a little while. I hope you end up writing more eventually.

  56. Celtic@82: why wouldn’t you want your fanfic characters to reflect the TV characters as acted? These aren’t “actors’ interpretations” of preexisting characters, the actors’ presentation is definitive.

    If Firefly was a production of a previously written work, that would be something. But it is correct to have fanfic characters be recognizably similar to the TV actors’ portrayals in a show like Firefly.

  57. Chris@84: That’s an excellent question.
    The issue isn’t whether a character is like the source character found on screen, but HOW it is like that source character.

    Obviously the fanfic character must be similar and exhibit the same characteristics, or else, what’s the point? The problem is a little ephemeral and admittedly personal: When certain key elements are taken from the “original” which when placed in the fanfic context feel more like characterizations rather than the characters themselves.
    As in the example of in the first several pages of the novel we have Mal saying a very iconic line: “Why are we still talking about this?”, River sticking her tongue out, Wash complaining about needing a vacation with Zoe regardless of her deference to Mal and her assumed chain-of-command.
    These are actions and lines taken directly from the show and have the feeling of being injected into the fanfic not as a natural development from character, but more like using an archtype of the character.
    Like in a melodrama how you know the characters by the villain mustache. Character is replaced by a cardboard simularum of character as a means of telling the reader, “See, these are the Firefly characters.” Like their lines and mannerisms are clipart to be snipped from the show and placed here and there to AFFECT character as opposed to create character.

  58. Ok, I could see that bothering a reader, if the impression it gives him is “the author isn’t in these characters’ heads, he’s just throwing in mannerisms to save himself some work in convincing us.”

    It’s not clear to me that this is the case–in my mind Steve’s story showed a profound understanding of the characters, in a way that their thoughts and actions felt consistent with (as opposed to imitative of) what I gained from watching the series/movie, in which case it would be odd for these characters not to display the appropriate mannerisms.

    In the case of Mal using the “Why are we still talking about this?” line, I believe that (given other elements in the story) Steve wanted to suggest that it’s a line Mal would use often, and it’s unfortunate we only got to see it the once in his 14 appearances on screen. If that’s the case, it’s a liberty with the character that some might not appreciate. But then, fanfic is never canon, someone’s not going to like it if it wasn’t in the shows.

    But I don’t think it was an accident, a blunder, or evidence of laziness–I think it was a calculated decision that not everyone will agree with.

    As for River sticking out her tongue… River is cute when she sticks out her tongue. Why would we want less of it? :)

  59. Okay, I resisted putting in my two cents because I thought this was truly just a fanfic story and not written by a professional writer. Imagine my surprise t find not only is this gentleman published – he has quite a series of books to his name. I have not read any of those novels so this review is only of “My Own Kind of Freedom.”

    I am afraid I am aghast that this was written by a professional. It is gimmicky, lacking in narrative and in desperate need of editing. The mistakes are those of a fanboy, not a novelist. Before I bare my teeth – lets start with the good, shall we?

    The characterization (if not the overly-gimmicky introductions) of each main player is dead on. I can hear the actor’s voices and see the characters as clearly as if they were still on TV. The idea for the story is solid as well. Then you lose me.

    1) Zero description of the rooms and passageways of the ship. WTF? To assume that everyone who reads this story knows the ship intimately means you are alienating everyone who has never seen the series or has only brief knowledge of the ship. It’s lazy and why on earth would you NOT want to describe that amazing ship? Serenity is a character in the Whedenverse and you gave her the short-shrift.

    3) You took an interesting way to introduce a character and beat it to death by introducing almost EVERY character that way. Very One Trick Pony. Which brings me to the two supposedly major characters you brought to the table:

    3) Kit Merlyn and Sakarya. Who ARE these people? I mean Kit is as close to a Mary Sue (or Gary Sue as the case may be) as you can be but there is no backstory. No development. Nothing. The whole Sakarya story was so vague and completely lacking any build-up or emotion. Where are the memories of Mal and Zoe with their beloved leader during the war? Where is the conflict that leads to the surprise at the end? No where.

    4) The rampant overuse of the word “Gorram.” Yes, they used it fairly often on the show and in the film, but there were around 60 “Gorrams” in one story and it think there are other words available even 500 years in the future. Same for the word “humped,’ by the sixth time it was used, I was getting angry.

    5) Although the dialogue sounded like the characters we have come to know, so much of the dialogue goes absolutely nowhere. I am all for verbosity in the right situations. Aaron Sorkin and Joss Whedon are both known for their wordiness – but in the finished product, all the dialogue says SOMETHING. Not here. Having the characters speak just because it sounds nifty is a novice mistake.

    It would be interesting if the writer took another pass at it, maybe showed it to an editor to help guide him, and released it again. The story idea was terrific. Unfortunately nothing else was.

  60. Amazed to see Bruce F Webster (#75) posting here himself!
    For those not in the know, Bruce was the main man behind “Sundog: Frozen Legacy” for the Apple IIs in 1984 and later ported to the Atari ST in ’85. It shares a lot of similarity with the Firefly ‘verse, and it’s been one of my all-time favorite games.
    It’s a GTA-style-free-roaming top-down space-trader game, you’ve inherited a starship and must trade goods and trade laser burns with pirates to make some cash and finish your contracted mission of assisting in building a colony on the planet you begin the game on.
    When I first watched the Firefly series, it immediately reminded me of Sundog.
    Check it out if you’re inclined, free disk images are floating around the ‘net.
    It’s the next best thing to a firefly game :)

    Back to reading the book, need my Brust fix!

  61. Chris@86:
    “As for River sticking out her tongue… River is cute when she sticks out her tongue. Why would we want less of it? :)”

    I can’t agree with you more. =)

    As I said, this is my personal opinion, and I bring it up with trepidation. These are elements that seem inherent in fanfic, and to complain about it is like complaining about soap opera because hospital patients always have perfect hair and makeup, or Westerns because stuff is dusty.
    And, like I said, I’m only a few chapters in. Being a BIG fan of Brust, I feel certain that the story and writing style will overcome my personal dislike of character affectations as shortcuts to show character.

    (Yeah, it does suck we only have a half season of episodes to draw from. All this would probably be moot if we had two whole seasons or more.)

  62. Thanks for this great read :) I really enjoyed it after having watched the series in one go. I’m wondering if there’ll be any more Firefly books coming from your side?

  63. That was a terrific story!

    Your writing has always been among my favorite, and when I heard about this fan novel I couldn’t download it to my PDA fast enough.

    I’m not sure what good etiquette is in this case- I feel like I should contribute something for this kind of quality, but I don’t want to violate the spirit of the ‘creative commons license’.

    So maybe I’ll just have to buy another copy of one of your books that I already have.

    Wonderful, wonderful work; here’s hoping you write more.

    Warmest personal regards,

  64. Enjoyed your work from your earliest days to present. Thus, I have been anticipating with great pleasure “My Own Kind of Freedom” when I first heard you had written it and were reading the first two chapters at cons awaiting the opportunity to publish it. [Note: It is also appreciated that established authors like yourself and Orson Scott Card are Browncoats–and I wonder if he has given thought to penning a story in the ‘Verse, understanding it is akin to the free medical care I provide as part of my own practice (and, I submit, just as needed >smile<)]. As expected, “My Own Kind of Freedom” was an enjoyable read, many degrees better than the common fan fiction on which we feed in desparation. I particularly enjoyed the dialog between characters (perfectly captured), and your beautiful rendition of River’s broken mind. Thank you for writing this and for making it available to us to enjoy.
    Perhaps 11th Hour, Jason Palmer, or one of the other Firefly fan artists will be inspired to create a presumptive dustjacket.


  65. I just want to say thanks to everyone for the kind words about the Firefly novel. I’m glad it’s finally out there, and people seem to be enjoying it.

  66. Just downloaded it and starting reading when there are quite moments with my newborn.

    Reading the prologue made me want to by some ginseng tea.

    You really really should put out a cook book.

  67. This is ridiculous. Not even a week ago I was working a shift at Chapters thinking, “It’s a damn tradgedy there’s no Firefly books for me to sink my teeth into,” while staring in dissapointment at the movie tie-in novel (which doesn’t count).

    Fast Forward to last night: Can’t sleep, so bored. StumbleUpon, relieve my boredom!
    Mr. Brust, I have seen your books around my store, though never read them, but thanks for having the balls to write a Firefly book for those of us who lament the show’s passing.

  68. Wow; just finished reading “My Own Kind of Freedom” – nicely done; thanks.

  69. i have been writing storys since i was a child and this will be my second book i have finished wrighting with an ending the first one was about fairies and this one my latest one is about a priestess who turns out to be a princess and goes on dangrous missions and falls in love with these two worroirs who surve her.
    She finds out that she has a twin, and she has to find her memories who were feathers and she has to learn about her past, when she does she learns that her mother was killed by her sister and her father.

  70. the farie story was about a group of fairies nambed, fire, water, light, dark, star, flower, ice, earth, wind, storm, and flames sister of fire they’re twins.

  71. thank you very much for this great read. absolutely loved the way you captured the characters. from river’s lovely cookieness to mal’s moral views (dilemas?) of what is right and wrong. you’ve acquired a new fan. can’t wait to read more of your work. again thanks!

  72. I just finished reading “My Own Kind of Freedom” and wanted to say thanks for writing it and that I enjoyed it very much. I was able to visualize it very well and you nailed the characters and the dialogue.

  73. Awesome work. Better than the subject material in its own special way.

    (Because the book is always better than the movie)

    Many thanks from Brust and Firefly fan.

    PS: Cool to see you’re a poker fan too!

  74. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of another Firefly novel? I’d love to read another by Brust. Of course I’m torn, because I want to read more of his other world’s novels too…

  75. Shhh! No interfering with his Dragaera production, and apparently that includes coitus interruptus.

  76. This is phenomenal work. PLEASE write another in this ‘verse. Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it!!! Did I mention that I love this? Good…because I do. Excellent work.

    Please…more. We (fellow Browncoats) need it somethin’ fierce. :O)

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  78. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of another Firefly novel? I’d love to read another by Brust. Of course I’m torn, because I want to read more of his other world’s novels too…

  79. Just finished this today. It’s very excellent. As soon as I finished it I headed over to Amazon to buy another one of Brust’s novels (for the curious, I picked “To Reign in Hell”) and I very much recommend others do the same as a way of compensating the author for enabling this very enjoyable return to the “Firefly” universe.

  80. Loved it! Especially how you brought the thoughts and justifications of each character, their motivations and hesitations, you really gave depth to our beloved characters.
    Brilliant, Thank You!

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