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Steven Brust: “A masterful storyteller of contagious glee and self-deprecating badassery” —Skyler White


  1. That’s called a good deal! According to my taste buds, squid > potatoes.

  2. Could it be squid pro queso?

    Or is that too cheesy?

  3. No. It’s squid pro spud.

    You’re so dumb.


    I’m so easily amused. Thanks for amusing me.

  4. Only if you inked the deal first.

  5. Not the way I do it.

  6. A small part of me had a brief urge to say something like:

    “It’s ten-tickles for po’ tie toes”

    But fortunately I gave that portion of my mind a thorough coshing, dragged it to a remote valley, dug a deep, deep hole, threw that part of my mind in, filled the hole with quick-setting cement, flooded the valley with water, and moved far away, where, I assure you, I do not hear any maniacal giggles coming from the direction of the new lake.

    Because, really, anyone who would find the above pun to be funny must necessarily be deranged.

  7. You may now strike yourself.

  8. I just sent this to friends in CO, AZ, CA, TX, and NM. It will be fun if others could do this to see if we can get it to come back to skzb from the outside. Assuming I am not lynched first for passing a bad pun………

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