From Convolution

Waking up in the middle of the night, thirsty.
The clink of ice cubes, the smoothness of water down your parched throat.
The air vent blowing on you: chilly now.
Climbing into a bed full of warm girl.
Best. Thing. Ever.



I don’t like doing convention reports because I suck at them.  I don’t like mentioning people, because I know I’ll forget some and then I’ll feel bad.  But I need to say a few things at least:  First, it’s a great convention–old school.  Second, they took really good care of me (and, so far as I could tell, the other guests) including getting me a large smoking room so I could host parties.  Third, an apology to the young lady on that song-writing panel to whom I was a douche after the panel was over; that shit comes over me sometimes, I don’t know why.  Fourth, I hope I make it back there sometime; it really is an outstanding convention.

Thanks to everyone who made Milehicon so much for me; you know who you are.


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Fourth Street Fantasy Convention

This is a reminder to everyone who might be interested that Fourth Street Fantasy Convention is approaching.  For those who don’t know, this is a small convention (100+ people) heavily oriented toward writing and writers–I sort of made it up back in, I think, the late 80’s so I could hear smart people argue about problems I was having.  The theory is that anything that is about writing is also about reading; “How to Read Better” has always been an unstated discussion topic.

What distinguishes Fourth Street from most conventions are two things: 1. A very high percentage of professionals (writers, editors); and B. Strict single-track programming with lunch breaks, so everyone can be at every panel (and, of course, continue the arguments from one to the other).  It used to be that did the programming; lately it’s mostly Alec Austin with help from Tom Whitmore and me, and I’ve been delighted by how things have gone.  I have learned stuff.  I think it has helped me write better; I know it has helped me get more out of my reading.

Check out who will be there (John Scalzi, Elizabeth Bear, Will Shetterly, Emma Bull, &c &c)

It’ll be in Minneapolis, June 22-24, and for actual, useful details, go here.

I’d love to see all of you there.



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I’m off to Minnesota.  I expect to be there for a few weeks.  During this time, my normal email won’t work, so if you have to reach me use the one this my first three initials and my last name at gmail dot com.

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Back from MisCon

MisCon, in Missoula, Montana, was excellent.  About five hundred people (a good size, in my opinion), and many of them very much worth talking with.  I had a great time on panels, did a tiny bit of music.  I won’t mention the various Cool People I got to hang out with, because I’ll forget someone and then wake up in the middle of the night feeling stupid.  But it was a good time, and I was well taken care of, and it’s recommended.

Tomorrow, I hope to get back to work on Adam Smith.