Word definition question

Reesa and Nathan have been watching re-runs of the old Addams Family TV show.  I approve of this, in part because it’s refreshing to see a 60’s sitcom where one can believe the couple actually had sex.  But it produced a question which has been bothering me, lo, these many days, even to interfering with my sleep.  So, weary and desperate, I turn to the internet as my last hope.

Can someone tell me what “ooky” means?

Thank you.

I have something important to tell you

To all writers, and especially TV writers, just thought you should know that the riff where someone says, “I have something important to tell you,” and then gets interrupted before being able to tell it, is now played out.  In fact, it was played out the first time it was used.  If your goal is to make me think, I guess it works; but what I think is, “Geez, what a lousy writer.”

Maybe you can come up with some clever twist on it, where that is what happens, but it doesn’t seem to be what happens, so that the audience doesn’t realize that you’re pulling that stunt until the reveal.  If you can do that, fine.  If not, I think you ought to take that gimmick and put it into the bag next to woman-who-kicks-ass-because-her-kid-is-threatened and drop it into Lake Michigan; with all the pollution already there it’ll hardly be noticed.

Thank you.  That is all.

Copy of email sent to Jonathon Frid

I just sent the following to JonathonFrid.com, and thought I may as well share it here as well:

Back in 1993, I published my 12th novel, AGYAR, my only vampire novel.  I was one of those kids who raced home from school to catch Dark Shadows at 3:30.  Until recently, when I’ve been watching DS again, I didn’t realized the degree to which Jack Agyar was influenced by Barnabas Collins.  Now that I am aware of it, it seems only fair to acknowledge it, and to say thank you.

Warm regards,

Steven Brust