Lincoln and the Coronavirus — A Parable

One of my favorites of the stories Lincoln used to tell is the one about the farmer who had a magnificent old oak of which he was terribly proud. One day, while looking at it, he saw a squirrel appear to vanish into it.  He went out to take a look, and, thanks to the squirrel, discovered the whole tree was rotten, hollow, and needed to be cut down. He said, “Damn that squirrel anyway.”

Supporters of capitalism are saying, “Damn that coronavirus anyway.”


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6 thoughts on “Lincoln and the Coronavirus — A Parable”

  1. Yup. Good parable. It must all be all the liberal’s fault that nearly every republican politician is on the take. I swear that the GOP selection process must require that the person is corrupt, so they can be blackmailed when necessary.

    I’m sure there are corrupt democrats, they just don’t seem so blatant and casual about it.

  2. The complete inability to address this public health emergency using any tactics save vulture capitalism appears to be a feature of both Democrats and Republicans. The response shows admirably that most laudable of all compliments from the mainstream corporate owned media: “Bipartisanship.”

  3. Sadly, those who mess things up don’t need to outnumber the rest, because destroying is easier than building. The downside of our political setup is there’s precious little reward for taking the long view, but all kinds of loopholes for getting away with selfish decisions.

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