Getting Signed Books From Me

The easiest way to get a signed book from me is to get hold of Uncle Hugo’s bookstore, an excellent SF bookstore located about a mile from my house.  They’ll take care of ordering it if they don’t have it in stock (though they probably will), and letting me know to go in there and sign it, and then they’ll deal with shipping.  You’ll have to ask them about the exact details, but it’s probably the best way.

Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore

2864 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, 55407


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5 thoughts on “Getting Signed Books From Me”

  1. Uncle Hugo’s is literally my favorite bookstore in the entire world. I live 5 hours away, so I don’t get to go as often as I’d like. On one hand, that means I’m not constantly throwing money at tattered old SF paperbacks. On the other hand, when I do plan a weekend around the trip, my wallet has to take the accumulated hit. Last time I went I bought 185 books, and it was totally awesome.

    Pro tip: buying the membership for the discount is worth it around the first full shopping basket of used books.

  2. Hi Steve, If you were to collect one signed copy of your work which would it be? I play the Aiken Drum, btw..Cheers! John Cichy

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