Anthem of the SFWA-Fascists

We’re the SFWA-fascists, all of us agree
On every single subject as long as it’s PC.
We follow every liberal fad.
But we aren’t ALPHA, which makes us sad.
We are the SFWA-fascists within the SF world.

We control all publications as you can plainly see.
We won’t let you speak if we think you disagree.
All SFWA officers are in cahoots,
Goosestepping in rainbow striped jackboots.
We are the SFWA-fascists within the SF world.

We get special treatment from each publisher in town,
And if you don’t agree with us, why, we will shut you down.
Sign our petition for your royalty checks;
Mystery and romance will be next.
The evil SFWA-fascists who run the SF world.

Mainstream publishing we will redesign;
To write we have to see your name on the dotted line.
Our liberal agenda will leave you awed.
We even ignore the voice of God.
Concieted SFWA-fascists who run the SF world.

We’ll shut down all the flirting, but that is just the start.
If you talk to anyone we’ll move you two apart.
No mercy no quarter and no truce
Till the human race can’t reproduce.
That’s how the SFWA-fascists will rule the SF world.

The SFWAs were created for the straight white males.
We must hound them to oblivion until publishing fails.
Gould and Swirsky head the lists
With all those other socialists.
We are the SFWA-fascists who are the SF world.


Tune: Lily Marlane/D-Day Dodgers

Lyrics: Steven Brust

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14 thoughts on “Anthem of the SFWA-Fascists”

  1. aaahahahaaha haha aahahaha hee

    It’s too bad you couldn’t wedge in a mangled pluralization of an Arabic insult, but I suppose those are tough to make scan well.

  2. Man if I didn’t know that was a parody I’d think you were a sad sad individual. As it is… Hilarious! Two thumbs WAAAAY up! Dude you just rock!

  3. Steven, this is brilliant.

    I also love that you know of the D-Day Dodgers. I first heard of the term from a book by Daniel G Dancocks. I didn’t realize there was a British version of the song as well.

  4. Will: I turned them off. No one *has* to read them, but we would anyway, and there would be sadness. I couldn’t think of any reason to leave them on.

  5. Jon-“Larry Correia evidently read this as a (serious) indictment of SFWA.”

    And yet, recognizing that this may be a parody of his own position, Correia still says the quality of the song has made him interested in reading Steven’s work, despite political differences.

    Between two groups, one willing to hear diverse voices that they disagree with and another being glad that they don’t have to, I’ll take the former.

  6. TerryU — I’m pretty sure the only SF people who aren’t downright excited to hear diverse voices that they disagree with are the ones who went ahead and collected that mystifying list of “PC Monsters” and called them fascists.

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