My New Cover

Current project is miserably failing
Can’t figure out what happens now.
I don’t know to whom it should happen
And I haven’t a clue as to how.
Romantic sub-plot is a problem
Cuz I just killed off the guy’s lover.
It’s a failure as lit
But I don’t give a shit

The money I owe is astounding
I pay bills only under duress.
My car, it will go to the bank
And my income: The IRS.
A pit opens up right before me,
And a Damoclean sword, it does hover
I laugh like it’s funny.
Who cares about money?


    The artist must be a genius, the designer: Leonardo reborn.
It will apeal to those who love SF, historical, non-fiction, and porn.
I want to hold it and hug it and wave it from a forty-foot banner unfurled.
Life, do your damndest, cuz I got the best COVER IN ALL OF THE WORLD!

The cat has just eaten the goldfish
Then it got hit by a truck
My girlfriend said she’d rather be dead
Then to give me a last goodbye—hug.
But fine then, farewell, and so what?
Right out the door I will shove her.
She’s welcome to go
While I bask in the glow


No, there’s no setting. Anyone who wants to is welcome to write one. You’re also free to put it on Youtube, if you want–just don’t bitch to me about the scansion.


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26 thoughts on “My New Cover”

  1. *like*
    (except for the part about killing off the focus of the romantic sub-plot. I like romantic sub-plots.)

  2. It’s okay. He’s going to find out he was really gay all along, and the secret was inside him if only he’d believe. Then he’s going to learn that Christmas is about love and caring about other people, and, in the end, he agrees to adopt the kitten.

  3. We would have liked it better had he learned that kittens are a plot to destroy your furniture disguised as cuteness and had adopted the Spirit Christmas as his lover, causing him to stalk department store Santae.

  4. For me, the “o” in hover sounds like the “o” in dog.
    The “o” in cover (and lover and dove) sounds like the “u” in “rug”.

    So if you pronounce both the same way, is it as in “dog” or “rug”, or something else again?

  5. Dog is different, rug is the same as hover. A quick check of a rhyming dictionary agrees that cover, hover, and lover all rhyme.

  6. Rather brilliant set to Green Day’s “Holiday”. It made me quite happy to run through my head a couple of times :)

  7. wait, what? cat’s are trying to take over the world?

    and this is such a tease , now I also want to see the new cover.

  8. I also have a version with copy, but I want to wait on that until it’s updated and the copy is a little closer to the final version.

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