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A Priceless Moment


This happened at this year’s Viable Paradise, I believe on Friday.

Me: Teresa, have you ever noticed that knitting is a lot like literary criticism?

TNH (staring): Yes, but how does a non-knitter know that?

Me: I just assumed.



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  1. When Lisa read her paper on Apprenticeship in the work of Ellen Kushner, she was told (I think by Delia) “writing a literary paper is like socking an octopus — and that was a very well socked octopus!”

  2. You just assumed? I thought it was because of your frequent opportunities to observe the Madame Defarge Literary Criticism and Fiber Arts Society in action.

  3. Despite being a knitter, I don’t actually understand the connection. Is it people commenting on the knitted item, or the patience of sitting and working through both the comments and the knitting, or…?

  4. Mary: You’ll have to ask TNH that one. Or maybe Emma.

  5. I assume the similarity lies in meticulously picking apart the mistakes.

  6. Or in finding a way to make it look like the mistake is part of the pattern.

  7. Oh. I thought they both just involved needles.

  8. I lol’d.

  9. I can vividly see and hear this exchange between the two of you in my mind. So great!

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