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Help! Save me! Coffee Crisis!


I am almost out of coffee, and yet, I have pounds remaining. What could this mean?

I’ve lost the little tub that I had marked for 1 lbs of green coffee. I haven’t yet unpacked enough to find my scale. My attempts to learn the answer on the internet have failed, so I turn to you:

How much green coffee, measured in cups, is close to one pound? Anyone? I’m down to the end of what I have roasted. Tomorrow will be an ugly day without your help.


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  1. Kurt Blackburn replied on Twitter that it is approximately 3 cups, and I am saved!

  2. Green coffee weight by volume? Let’s see, medium roasts become roughly 1.5 cups for .25lbs. I’d anticipate a rough 10% weight loss in roasting to that point.

  3. to paraphrase my grandma: ‘until it looks right’

    😉 good luck with your coffee!!!

  4. Caffeine headaches. I know them well. Glad you could avoid them this time.

    But it is only two days and you’re good.

  5. I thought all coffee was brown. My mind is now blown.

  6. I’m told it depends on how well roasted the beans are — French Roast would be lighter than others.

    You could try a little over 2 cups per pound. Almost everything is 2 cups per pound.

    This web sites says 2/3 pounds per cup of beans. >

  7. What is “green coffee” in this context and why is it your coffee of choice?

    Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well.

  8. Green coffee is unroasted. It is my choice because it’s between 30% and 50% cheaper to roast it myself, and it also tastes better.

  9. I have found to be an indispensable resource for information on home roasting and coffee in general.

  10. I visited a Panamanian coffee farm in 2010. I was amazed at the complex processing and labor-intensive work that coffee bean harvesting and processing requires. As a hard core coffee drinker, I promise you it changed my view of a cuppa.

  11. What are you using to roast in, Steve? Frying pan?

  12. I’m shocked, shocked to hear of coffee consumption in these parts. Are fresh eggshells and wood chips hard to find in Minnesota?

    After a quick search, it seems klava is listed in your store as an untested recipe, and several variants with good survival rates were posted in the Jhegaala spoilers area. Have you tried any of them, and is it really as good as Vlad makes it sound?

  13. Um. Are my posts getting through?

  14. Damn. Can’t figure out why I’m having trouble posting to my own blog. Trying yet again.

    Ron: Sweet Maria’s responded, but took several days.

    Terry: I’m using the Behmor 1600 drum roaster.

    Mackerel: Not yet, but I haven’t given up hope.

  15. Maybe a double-filter would simulate the effect you are trying for.

  16. About a year or so ago my (wonderful) wife had a cooking party with some friends, the theme of which was your novel Dzur. Much fun and good food was had and the klava that I made turned out pretty well. The full recipes are here, klava’s at the very bottom.

  17. Lee: Cool. Thanks! The Langos recipe looks like something I might even be able to cook.

    Next time, invite me. 😉

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