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  1. Pre-ordered mine and woke up to the message from Amazon saying it was downloaded to my Kindle this morning. I read the prologue briefly before heading to work, and have been counting the hours until I get to go home and curl up with the Kindle and read it straight through…

  2. Some how this release slipped under my radar – I am full of shame. I only found out because of SKZB’s blog posts (thank you RSS reader!). Amazon already has my order! :)

    (the cover looks fantastic!)

  3. got it today on my iPad and am a bit over 1/2 way through. this one is really keeping me guessing and has developed in ways i never expected.

  4. Just finished it, having gotten it to my Kindle this morning. I loved it, but found it a bit insular. I would be very keen to hear what people who haven’t read the Khaavren books think about it. For people who have read everything, it’s a treat.

  5. Just as I run out of reading material, I am rewarded by new Brust! I will have to comment here again later once I have read (devoured) the new book. So much for any hope of being a productive little sysadmin after work tonight!

  6. Ooooh, nook also has a story for sale. “The Desecrator”, coming up as a tale of a certain Hawklord. Color me twice excited, and willing to spend a buck for a bit more awesomeness to read. SKZB, as a reader I thank you – and as a person, I send my best wishes your way in what may be tumultuous times.

  7. Didi did you found Tissa to Kindle?! could you please give me a link.
    Kindle ebooks are so much easier, if you live in Denmark and the book gets published in USA

  8. (1) and (6): How on earth did you download Tiassa on your Kindle? For me it was:

    Search Results: “tiassa”
    No items found.


    In fact, no works of Brust show up in the Kindle store.

  9. Didi, thanks. But I now know the reason why – I’m in Australia and as a result it it won’t “ship” to my Kindle. This means that I will either need to:
    1) Order it as a Hardcover from Amazon; or
    2) Buy it from the local Borders

    Either way sucks. Not because of the price (I don’t care about that), but because ordering stuff from America (as opposed to other countries) takes a frakn long time to arrive. And if the Borders store doesn’t have it (and I’m betting on it doesn’t) they will place and order from the States, which will take the same eternal period to arrive.

    People in the office today are going to wonder why I’ll be in a fowl mood.

  10. So, would our honored proprietor prefer it if we bought it hardcover, or in ebook-not-Kindle format? (Which gets the author higher royalties / helps more in the bestseller count / other relevant factors? )

  11. Didi

    AHH-WORKED! Now I’m nervous that Amazon might delete the book from the Kindle if I change the country back.

    **holding breath as I change it back…nope all good (I think), exhale**

    People in the office today are going to wonder why I’ll be in a excited, yet not very productive mood.

  12. i am so stoked to get it but i live in the czech republic now and cannot find it here…i ordered it in the US and my mom is bringing when she comes to visit her granddaughter (who cares about her son and daughter in law huh?) but that wont be for another month or more….i wish i had a .txt of it to tide me over :( i am not happy…ah well, to dream a dream for the next few weeks/eternity

  13. Zeynep: Hardcover, trade paper, kindle, other e-book, loan from a friend, used book store, library. Don’t care. Thanks for asking, though.

  14. I’m about 1/2 way through this one and I love it! I thought I was supposed to be pissed off…Maybe that comes later, but I don’t see how.

  15. For the 2nd or 3rd time, the back cover blurb from Tad Williams blurb appears as “Brust might just be America’s bestselling fantasy writer!”, rather than the original “Brust might just be America’s best fantasy writer!”

    “America’s bestselling” is not only (unfortunately) manifestly untrue, it doesn’t even make for a better blurb. What was Tor thinking?

  16. So Steve

    Once you are settled, what’s the next book and when will it be out (I’m assuming next week).


    I would be good to see Loiosh narrate or part narrate one of the stories – we might pick up some conversations with Rocza.

  17. There’s an asterisk in the iBook edition near the end of Chapter the Fourth (after the word “fish”), but no footnote; should there be a footnote?

  18. Jamoche: Did you try clicking on the asterisk? That worked for me, though I have the Kindle version not the iBook version. I did first assume it would be somewhere near the bottom of the current “page”.

    Steve: Loved it! Thank you.

  19. Amazon hasn’t yet delivered the hardcover, but that is for my partner to read and for our library. I have held off downloading until today because work has been crazy and I am not known for my innate ability to delay gratification.

    I think that I told you many years ago that our Loiosh had to go to a free flight aviary because of aggressive tendencies towards human males. Apparently she is still well, still hates human males.

    None if our current birds are named for your characters, but was vetoed strongly when j wished to name the hedgehog ‘Teckla’.

    Thank you for all the enjoyable reading.

  20. Excellent! Read differently than the other books, but the characters seemed comfortable in this setting. Reading it was like eating dessert first, appetizer, apéritif and finally the main course. I enjoyed the flow. I do feel like this is a prelude to the final story arc, so I was nervous as I closed the back cover and placed the book to the side. Thank you for these stories Steve; they’ve been with me since the mid-80s!

  21. I did, but clicking didn’t do anything. I’m making a note not to get any Terry Pratchett on iBook :)

  22. I have not yet purchased it for my sony Book reader.
    We have, you see, in my quaint seaside village, a local bookstore, (Bolen’s by name) that has stood fast against the locust horde Chapters/Barnes/Amazon.
    They have increased their presence, given respite to traveling authors, and have the most delightfully eccentric cast of employees that LOVE what they do. Whenever a book that is truly dear to my heart comes out I wait impatiently for them to receive it and then make my purchase.
    My bookshelf is annointed with these rare and treasured hardcovers. Sanderson, Butcher, Jordan, GG Kay, Freidman, Keyes. The numbers are small compared to the zeros and ones that my sony stores for me but like emeralds it is their scarcity that proves their value. Crowning these, top shelf like a 72 Brora, gleaming amber from its dust free resting sits the works of SKZB.

    My bookstore, haven, shelter from time and tide, has Tiassa on order and in keeping with my tradition of supporting those who are truly worthy, both Brust and Bolen’s shall see me playing the Marley until such time as I can sit back with a different type of spirit in each hand, one for mind, one for body and then shall I find the surcease for which I long.

    I fear that Brust has well played his stated intent.
    The fury that he shall awake however lies not in the reading. Not in the word, the play or the act but rather in the futility. We will lay down this book and the realization shall break over us that once again we wait, powerless. Frustrated by the knowledge that though we weep, rend and tear, we can do naught but wait.
    The next gem will reveal itself in its own time

    so very very much.


  23. I hate Barnes & Noble.

    I was dumb enough to pre-order Tiassa via BN.com. What? I had one of those damn gift cards left over from Christmas.

    Anyway, the 2-3 day shipping has turned into six-day shipping. Part of my order sat in Hebron, Kentucky for thirty-one hours while nobody touched it, and if I’m lucky, I’ll finally get my copy of Tiassa on Monday.

    If … if, if, if.

    I have nothing nice to say about B&N. If they’d told me it would take a bloody week, I would have skipped the three-dollar savings, waited until release day, and bought the book in person at the store. But no, they had to lie to me ….

    Anyone have a spare spinnystick I can go cram up B&N’s yazoo … and spin?

    I have a Patti Smith song stuck in my head, for some reason. A newer one. Never mind.

  24. Most enjoyable entry for me since _Issola_. Going to be hard to wait for the next one!

    (And thanks for the Acknowledgment. Timeline 2.0 should be complete some time this summer.)

  25. Hey Alexx — I just was looking at your Timeline to see what approximate year Devera was born in. Are there sufficient clues?

  26. A question for Mr. Brust – Assuming you write all 19 projected books, are you planning on writing “the Final Contract” last?

  27. Does anyone know when/if one of the ebook versions you can read off your computer will be released in Australia? Watching the ratio of activity in the spoilers/no spoilers threads slowly tick over to 100% spoilers while I wait for my book to ship is excruciating (though interesting. You could probably figure out the average receiving and reading times though it).

  28. Emzilyn

    If you have a Kindle, change your settings on your Amazon account to say you are currently in the USA. Enter a street address with something like “1 Broadway, New York City, NY” . You should then be able to find his book when you search on the Kindle. Once purchased, you can change your settings back.

    Worked for me.

  29. Who decided that it won’t be available in Canada until July 5? And why?

    Fortunately I will be going to Boston next week and have already had it shipped there from Amazon.con and also canceled my order on amazon.ca.

  30. @ Big Mike … hardcover Tiassa was in Chapters at John/Richmond yesterday … so not sure about the July 5 date you mentioned

  31. I’m soo old school . I actually A. went to a book store and bought the damn thing, B. read it. I just don’t get the point of kindle’s….. Would have liked Tiassa better if Devera had narated whole thing.

  32. @Steve the Younger
    Not definitively, no. We have enough facts to estimate pretty closely when Devera was *conceived*, but we don’t know how long Dragaeran pregnancies typically last — even assuming Devera’s was typical! This will be something I go into in more detail in the Timeline 2.0.

  33. Psycho

    I won’t go into the many reasons here but once you have a Kindle there is no turning back, believe me.

  34. Went into the city today and snagged this in Melbourne. It’s not out officially yet I don’t think here, but Minotaur imports the US hardback version. 40 damn dollars! It better be worth it! The price of impatience.

    They had about 4 or 5 copies left, so if you’re in Melbourne and can’t wait for the Au release… go get it naow!

  35. gww, I think you need to remind Minotaur that $1US = 95c AUS (at time of writing).

  36. @ schmwarf … ha ha ha … only WISH it were that easy. CAD is now about $1.04 USD . . . but the USD book prices are still lower

  37. My husband’s reading it right now. I think this is the first time he’s read one of your books first.

  38. I now have a new author category: above “Authors I will buy immediately in hardcover” is “Authors I will buy in e-book form for instant gratification and then buy in hardcover for re-reading”.

  39. It.
    I have been waiting for It for what seems to be an timeless amount of time.
    I finally Got It last Thursday
    It was not what I expected.
    It was better.
    It did not make me angry.
    It made me happy.
    It came when I most needed It. (Yes, there’s a story here, which happened last Wedensday, but not one I will talk about.)
    It was lovely.
    I will always treasure It.
    Thank’s Steve, for being there when I needed It.

    PS: @ Bill 32

    I agree totally with everything you do us the honor of relating. The only thing that has ever made me anything remotely angry with a certain writer who shall remain nameless is the agony that he, or she, causes us between the gems of knowledge the he, or she, imparts to us, the unenlightened.

  40. @schmawrf–guess I’d better buy a kindle!

    Hmm. My brother’s on tour in Melbourne. Maybe he’ll get it while he’s there (and he reads fast, so by the time he comes back next week he’ll have finished it…)

  41. And here I am still waiting for Iorich to come out in mass market paperback. Which is looking like January of next year. Are publishers trying to kill off this format?

  42. Rathgar: I’m no longer being published in mass market paperback; they’ll be doing trade paperback next year. Sorry. I’d suggest used book stores.

  43. PR speak translation : Steve needs more money for poker so the loyal customers are forced to buy overpriced toilet top books.

  44. Bought it last Friday, almost done. Really enjoying the total mix of writing styles. Phoenix Guards style narrative/Vlad first person etc.
    Just a couple more chapters to go. Wondering when the part comes where I’m supposed to get pissed off?…

  45. Evrett@58, if that were all there was to it, I’m sure plenty of us would shell out for a few ultra-deluxe signed versions from Subterranean Press. Some of those can be pretty nicely done, especially when you add custom artwork.

    Not that I’m suggesting that, mind you: I have no idea whether it makes any business sense at all, nor whether Steve would want to stress his book-signing hand that much. I just know that those seem to go for whatever somebody or other feels like charging for them.

  46. I’ve a friend who’s a writer and have been told that more and more with ebooks out paperbacks are becoming a losing game for writers and publishers. And I hope our favorite author plays poker better than aelburr plays syang stones. I hope he doesn’t say he’s about even or maybe little up

  47. re #62: That makes sense; ebooks and paperbacks basically fulfil the same purpose, and ebooks are more convenient in many ways.

    Got my copy! A great story.

  48. I had just asked a friend the other day if he knew when the next book would release and then I happened to a bookstore and saw this gift sitting there just waiting for me. Got it today…finished it today. Awesome!

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