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  1. I’m sorry to hear that. I kind of liked running into you at local cons. Hope the move is for positive reasons, and not because something’s gone wrong.

    Either way, good luck.

  2. Long, strange trip.

    May your move go smoothly. I look forward to seeing you in the electrons as that works out, and more of the same for the in-person stuff, too.

  3. Hope the move is the least amount of pain in the ass for that sort of thing. A propos of nothing, really enjoyed your story on tor.com.

  4. We’ll gladly welcome you back home. However, Graham says that you can’t have your old room back. (Did you know that we’re living in the old Dream Cafe?) We both wish you well on the move. Please let us know when you’re back in town.

  5. Yay! A little for the post but mostly for the moving. :) Can’t wait until your back!

  6. Who says you can’t go home again?

    Wishing you peace and trouble-minimized transitions, because trouble-free is impossible. And thanks so much for the Telnan story!

  7. “The Desecrator” was a delightful surprise. Thanks!

    Welcome back to the Midwest!

  8. It was wonderful to see you tonight before you go (and Toni too!!). For all the stress of the last few and the next few days, you’re doing the right thing. You’ll realize in a week or two, or maybe the first time you can take some sweet young thing back to your room without drama. ;) Looking forward to visiting you and your awesome family in the Courts.

  9. Hey, welcome back to the midwest! Have you forgotten that it snows like a mofo up here? But I’m sure it’ll be great for you and your kids to be nearer each other. Wishing you safe travel, and no travail.

  10. Sir you are missed, regulary thought about, spoken about and cared about. Be well, best of luck. We’ll be here as time and life permits.

    Best Regards,

  11. Crap! I’m beginning to think I will never face off with you at a Hold ‘Em table. I’ve enjoyed your writings for as long as I can remember (almost, close enough anyway) and I am always delighted by your wit. Quite frankly, I’d like to kick your ass and take all your cheques or ship my stack in a trap play. The former would be my preference but I’d settle for the latter.

    MN is cold and so far away …. I guess I missed my chance when you were in NV. Maybe not … Stranger things have happened ….

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