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Just a heads up: We’re going to be doing some fun things with the blog, and with my web site (, so the look will be changing.  One thing we plan on is that the books on the blog will contain a link to discussion space here for each book (this in answer to the request about a discussion of The Rain In Spain), and in general there will be Tons Of Neat Stuff.

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  1. Sounds great.

    Any chance it’ll speed up? For what is basically a text site it loads unnaturally slow.

    Always struck me as odd.

  2. @coelacanths laughing – do you make it a habit to go on other people’s blogs and tell them to blog about something else?

  3. End of week two:
    Having observed the elusive Dreamus Cafeterium consistantly for a fortnight without apparent action. Said creature is known for sudden bursts (or maybe brusts) of activity after long periods of dormancy; thus, we must endure in our stalkerly observation…

  4. So… Should we all huddle in our basements and chant RFC 2100 to hurry the process along?

  5. Since I don’t see the links-to-book-discussions yet, I’m going to put this here, mainly because I’m too damn lazy to poke through the archives and get lost. So sue me, it’s cold. :-P

    Anyway…re-reading The Paths of the Dead on a snowy day shortly after looking again at Lord of Light, I finally saw another card you palmed from Roger Zelazny, and now I feel silly for missing it before.

    All things considered, it was thorough as well as impressive, Paarfi’s description of the Halls of Judgment.

  6. You’ll have to enlighten me on that one, it’s been a long time since I read some Zelazny. Which I read in the first place because Steven said he was good. Of course, he was right. Anyway, I’m just making my way back through all Vlad’s novels, then I’ll be off to read the Viscount again and then back to the Great Book of Amber. I think my favorite part of Paarfi’s writing, though, was the interview at the end. I’ve noticed, though, that if other people haven’t read the book, they really can’t appreciate the humor of it. I get a lot of blank stares…

  7. Regarding MarkW@6: Back when I went to buy Sethra Lavode I approached a worker at the store and he looked it up on his computer and said, “By Steven Burst?” Of course, I used to pronounce it like “thrust”.

    And to echo Patrick S, Mr. Brust’s ubiquitous comments on Zelazny led me to reading his works and in turn a friend of mine who’d I’d introduced to Vlad and etc.

  8. Patrick: You won’t find Lord of Light in the Great Book of Amber; it’s a stand-alone. Zelazny took great swaths of Hindu mythology and transposed it into far-future SF on a world 99% of which has forgotten it started as a colony from Earth. Don’t worry…you’ll forgive him for making Siddhartha sound like Corwin, I promise.

  9. Yeah. I just asked Nathan about it yesterday, and he says we’re pretty close.

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