Texas Wisdom #50

One day Billy-Bob Gautama and a monk were walking through a forest.  As they approached a stream, they saw a pretty young woman standing at the edge.  She explained that she was afraid to cross the stream, and so Billy-Bob picked her up, carried her across, and set her down on the other side.   A few hours later, the monk said, “Brother, is it not true that our order forbids contact with the opposite sex?  And yet, you  carried that woman across the stream.”  “Brother,” said Billy-Bob.  “Are you still carrying that woman?  I set her down hours ago.  You should have copped a feel while you had the chance.”

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  1. This isn’t a criticism of this post, really, but something it’s made me realize. One thing that’s refreshing about Vlad is that he’s a male anti-hero whose vices do not include sexism.

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