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…but I'm his biggest fan!

So, I just joined my fan club on Facebook.  Is that, um, weird?

By corwin

Site administrative account, so probably Corwin, Felix or DD-B.

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You have a fan club on Facebook? Damn. And here I was just talking about how much that site irks me. Guess I need to reassess.

Nah, that’s not weird, that’s generous. I’m sure they’re all thrilled.

FB is the devil!

Its too early and I cant think anything more intelligent then that.

FB is yet another excuse to limit human physical contact, but on the other hand I have friends around the globe that its the only way I have of contacting them.

So I guess I am going to hell…

Hey, at least you’ll know where to have the restraining order delivered when you go all creepy and stalkerish on yourself.

It’s not weird yet. Now when a discussion springs up on why you wrote something in a particular style and you chime in with an explanation and folks start arguing with you …

Weirdo. You could have at least made a fake name and spammed the group with messages about how much you love yourself.

As long as you don’t start screaming at everyone else, not a problem. :)

Well, now I’ve joined it too. But… I can’t find the man himself.

Where’s my damned spy ring?

I would never join any club that would have me as a member. (thanks, Groucho)

Thanks Bawrence, but I was being facetious. I’m aware of it, just ah, bewildered and frightened by it.

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