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  1. Lentil soup is nature’s perfect food. Adding bacon makes it even perfecter.

  2. corwin

    No bacon, but Deb (Reesa’s mother) did bring along some sausages, which I merrily sliced up into the soup, and, as we Minnesotans say, it did not suck.

  3. And sour cream, too? Or Greek yoghurt. Mmmm.

  4. yumm…lentils. I live about five miles from Pullman, Washington- the location of the National Lentil Festival. It’s held every August and is quite an event for the town!

  5. I just got this great mental picture of a Calvin and Hobbes-esque comic strip where Calvin’s soup is attacking him. 🙂

  6. … and it is enough.

  7. If only there was something I could say that hasn’t been said. What can I add to such a simple, true statement, such as the one rone made? (I wouldn’t know about bacon, since I’ve never had it. It does sound like it would taste good, though.)

  8. Sucking up to the future (?) mother in law, eh?

  9. Hmm, how is it that you can talk about good food and not have the recipe handy to share this good food? It sure is the time of year when a good soup is needed.

  10. Dan: Well, the trouble is, you see, I didn’t make it, so I have no idea what the recipe is. It has lentils, though.

  11. Alright, I guess I can deal with this. You do have an issue with leaving your readers a little hungry though. I guess I will have to go and make something.

  12. lots of garlic and ground cumin?Yup, with some bread and sausage it’s one of the best winter foods ever.

  13. Lentils can do anything. Except be avocados. And for that, we have avocados.

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