Congratulations to the WFC winners

Especially to Midori Snyder and Terri Windling for special award, non-professional (although: huh?) and to Ellen Datlow for the anthology Inferno.

And, out of courtesy to their sensibilities I will not now be gnashing my teeth and screaming about rigged elections because neither Will Shetterly nor Emma Bull won.  They would certainly not appreciate such a display on any level.

So I will quietly pout.

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0 thoughts on “Congratulations to the WFC winners”

  1. Excuse me! Nothing against Guy, a fine choice for winner, but gnashing, wailing, and screaming for Emma’s sake is perfectly fine by me. (Frankly, I’m still astonished my book made the ballot, so no pouting should be done on my account.)

  2. Gnashing, screaming, and wailing now commencing.

    (In fact, it really did when I first saw the results. I yelled “FUCK” and pushed back from my desk, thus banging into Reesa’s foot with my chair. I blame the award judges for the ensuing unpleasantness.)

  3. That makes sense, Will–thanks.

    Splash, “professional” means you get money in return for doing something. “Amateur” or “non-professional” means you don’t get paid.

  4. TexAnne: Um. But . . . okay, never mind. I think I need to figure out some more basic concepts before I attack that one.

  5. Good idea, Splash. Stick with Tellurian sexual customs and mores–they’re much simpler and more straightforward.

  6. Steve, sure they are, you won’t have to.Also, wait until somebody tries to explain to him why sex is the only area where the comment “done like a pro” can cause insult.

  7. Hey Steve,

    Reading this post twigged me that your book with Emma is one of the few I don’t own. Awhile ago you suggested that you may offer some autographed editions of your books down the road and I’ve held off completing my collection in that hope. Have you given any more thought to the idea? I suppose I could just buy autographed editions through Abe or whatever, but if I’m going to pay an inflated price I’d rather you get the money.

    Warmest regards,

    Jonathan K. Stephens

  8. Seconded.Gypsy was my favorite book, but it was also a loaner, and I want the glee of *owning* a copy.Especially if it is a signed one:)

  9. I actually have copies of The Gypsy. Freedom and Necessity is one you’ll have to buy and mail to me to be signed, which of course I’m glad to do. For The Gypsy, if you want one of the hardcovers, email Kit; he’s handling that kind of thing.

    And thanks for your interest.

  10. Splash–remember how confused you were by “Your mama?” It’s like that, only more so.

  11. Many thanks, Steve! I’ve just sent an email (hopefully to the right address).

    I’ve been buying your books since ‘To Reign In Hell’ was published and it’ll be nice to add an autographed edition to my collection.

    PS. I picked up copies of your “Cat’s Laughing” albums awhile ago (when you blogged about it) and not only does your drumming not “suck”, but it sounds rather sophisticated to my admittedly untutored ear. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your musical adventures in times to come.

    Warmest regards to all,

    Jonathan K. Stephens

  12. Thanks for the kind words, Jonathan, especially about Cats Laughing. God, I loved that band! If I don’t see your email in the next hour or so, I’ll mention it here.

  13. Hi Steve,

    Ok, I’ve tried again using this email:

    Hopefully, that’ll work – if not I’ll try again!

    Many, many thanks for your kind attention!


  14. I will e-mail Kit, thanks.Also, when are you going to recount your side of Icon?I want to hear how we looked from the GOH’s perspective:)

  15. Hi Steve,

    Ok, I’ve restarted AOL and emailed again. If you don’t get it, I’ll try again tomorrow, since the AOL browser seems to be fussing over loading the “Comments” Section of Words Words Words right now as well.

    It’s been my experience that such things usually sort themselves out overnight but, hell, what do I know? If survival depended on computer savvy, I’d have long since followed the dinosaurs into oblivion.

    All the best,


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